Seagrove Beach

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Seagrove Beach derives its apt name from the grove of magnolia, hickory, and pine trees surrounding the area and its serene beachfront that still remain today. Indeed, today, the groves of magnificent trees hold nearly the same power of beauty as the stunning Emerald Coast itself, bringing a classical look to this developing area.

In recent times, Seagrove has developed from an intersection into a small community of diverse residences and respected eateries. Residences range from newly developed cottages to older beach homes, each one holding its own unique style. Eateries such as Seagrove Market Cafe, Whiskey Bravo, and Cowgirl Kitchen bring the area a new lively presence.

Seagrove Beach is a serene beachfront community with it’s own unique style.

Experience classical beauty in combination with a hint of modern style in a Seagrove beach vacation rental, and treat your family to a wonderful beach vacation.