Rosemary Beach

Combining New Urbanism with concepts of traditional architecture and neighborhood planning, Rosemary Beach comes together as a true 107-acre beach paradise. With a breathtaking classical look and a spacious urban feeling, Rosemary Beach seems to capture the absolute best of both worlds to arrive at a nearly perfect result.

With a wonderful view overlooking the coast, and easy access to the beach via dune walkovers, Rosemary set out to be a beach town with so much more. The result is a beach town with butterfly gardens, charming footpaths, and pleasant parks. Its stone walkways connect shops to restaurants and eateries, designed perfectly to give preference to traveling by foot, rather than focusing on traveling by car. Because of this, the town feels entirely free of congestion in every way. Guests and residents alike walk freely throughout the town with complete convenience and pure tranquility, no stress, no hassle.

Rosemary Beach combines a classic look with a spacious urban feeling.

Come experience this beach paradise with a 30A vacation rental in Rosemary Beach.

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