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News flash: Everyone’s favorite drinking holiday takes place on a Friday this year, negating the need to limit your indulgences because of having to go back to work the next day! St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and although it has never been considered a traveling holiday, perhaps we can entice you to take a trip down south to explore the beaches of 30A and the comforts of our Dune Vacation Rentals holiday hideaways. Offering sunny days, warm temps, and some of the best places to enjoy green beer in the country, your St. Patrick’s Day escape to Northwestern Florida will give you a break from your real life that is both exciting and relaxing; this guide to St. Patrick’s Day activities and events on 30A will give you a sneak peek into a vacation filled with fun! 

St. Patrick’s Day Activities and Events on 30A

Before the nighttime fun begins, we do suggest you head to the white sand beaches we are known for to enjoy the most beautiful minutes of your life. Sunsets in Florida have been known to stop people in their tracks, lighting up the skies with a fiery display of color and drama and as you sip from your water bottle (hydration is important this thirsty night!) with your toes buried in the soft sugary sands, don’t be surprised if you find the need to applaud. Don’t fight the urge as you won’t be the only one clapping for Mother Nature’s most spectacular extravaganza! And once the sun has fallen into the sea and the dark skies are lightened with the twinkling of a billion stars, it will be time to start your night of excitement and Irish entertainment! 

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Show, Hibiscus Coffee & Guesthouse, 85 Defuniak Street, Grayton Beach

Families love 30A, and if you have brought yours along for this holiday escape, the St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Show is a family friendly event you will all love! Offering live music performed by local favorite Jody Lucas in their Backyard of Love, the backyard bar will be serving soft drinks, kombuchas, and of course, wines and beers and the dinner menu will provide all the flavors of Ireland that will make your stomach happy! Shepherds Pie, Bangers and Mash, and the classic Corned Beef Cabbage are just a few of your dining options, and as you enjoy a beautiful evening under the stars (the party lasts from 6:30 until 8:30) you may decide that St. Paddy’s Day on 30A will be your newest family tradition. 

30A Growler Garage, 368 W County Highway 30A, Suite 101 in Santa Rosa Beach

30A Growler Garage in Santa Rosa Beach is THE place to be on a Friday night and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception! Offering live music performed by another local favorite group, Shack N Up, the green beer will be flowing freely, and even the non-green beer found in their 40 different taps will ensure that this holiday will be one that you will probably forget! (But isn’t that the idea of a St. Patrick’s Day celebration?) Sit, sip, and savor live music from ringside seats by the beach and discover the vibe that makes this part of Florida one of the most popular vacation destinations in Florida!

St. Paddy’s Day Delight – Paint the Village Green, The Village of Baytowne Wharf

Offering music, entertainment, and a belief that everything Irish is everything wonderful, painting the village green at the Village of Baytowne Wharf promises to bring color and excitement to your 30A St. Patrick’s Day celebration! Starting at 6 PM and ending at 9 PM on March 17th, Carpenter Academy of Irish Dance and Live Music from Shenanigans are just a few examples of what you can expect from your Irish getaway in paradise. 

Stay Home with Dunes Vacation Rentals

Your real life is hectic and filled with drama and stress, so perhaps your Florida vacation should be filled with all the rest and relaxation that you need, even if it is St. Patrick’s Day! Start the day out with a run out to the Donut Hole in Inlet Beach and grab a dozen of their finest sweet treats (there are sure to be some holiday themed ones to enhance your day at home) to enjoy with fresh brewed coffee in your holiday hideaway. Our fully equipped kitchens come with all the small appliances (coffee makers, blenders) you need to stay hydrated, and the professional quality larger appliances will make it easy to prepare your own Irish meal of corn beef cabbage! Stream your favorite Irish music to dance to as you snack, play, and relax, knowing that the music will never have to end thanks to our high-speed internet, and when you can’t eat another bite or sip another sip, climbing between the linens of our premium beds will be the highlight of your adventures. Contact us today and Reserve your favorite St. Patrick’s Day escape today! 

Christmas holidays present the best opportunity for you to spend time with your loved ones. From feasting to setting up family Christmas trees, there is a lot you can do on this day from the comfort of your home. But there comes a time when the home isn’t fun anymore. Sometimes, hopping to a holiday destination, miles away from home is the best Christmas gift you can have. The white sands of Florida’s 30A offer a valuable alternative. Here are the top 30A Christmas events and activities for a memorable experience.

Envy the Christmas Light Displays

The first thing that ushers you to the Christmas vibe in 30A is the lights. These Christmas lights run throughout the entire holiday season. Depending on which side of 30A you will be visiting, you will be treated to different styles of lighting. Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach, Dune Allen Beach, Watercolor, and Seaside are all worthy considerations for you to see these beautiful lights. With the snowy conditions experienced during Christmas, these lights create unique patterns for a picturesque site. These lights are safely connected, allowing you to get really close if you need to. Kids will have a good time taking pictures with the lighting decorations in the backdrop. The fact that they run for the better part of December means you will be spending most of your evenings outside enjoying the beautiful view the lights offer.

Wait for Santa in the White Sands

What’s your experience with Santa? Well, there is no Christmas without Santa, especially for kids. Santa holds a special place in children and they would be disappointed if he is nowhere to be seen. However, there is no need to worry since Santa is waiting for you at the beach. Dressed in his signature regalia, Santa will be ready to embrace your kids and in other cases bring them gifts. With paintings and art all over their face, children too will be in that Christmas mood ready for the 30A experience. Allow them to interact with Santa and take pictures whenever possible.

Embrace the Fireworks

New Year’s Eve is a good time to reflect on the hits and misses of the previous year. 30A allows you to add a celebration aspect on top of the reflection. With the region’s vibrant nightlife, it will be hard for you to stick to your room. It would make more sense for you to hop into one of the parties being hosted around as you wait for the fireworks to start cracking. If you came to 30A with your kids, there are a bunch of kid-friendly activities for them to explore. Kids too will enjoy being outside for the night playing with ice as the year nears completion. When the fireworks time comes, no one should be left behind. There is a whole tradition surrounding the popping of fireworks. To some, it is a way of blowing away all the evils of the previous year while still ushering in favors from the new year. Don’t forget to take pictures and videos of the popping fireworks.

30A Christmas Events: Play Ball Drop Game

Have you seen balloons being thrown around during concerts? Now it’s your turn to take part in this activity, albeit in a not-so-volatile setting. Since it is not a professional game as such, you won’t need any specialized equipment to play. It is the kind of game that doesn’t require some prior training. Just hit the inflated ball with your fist and watch it fly high. It is a kid-friendly sport that allows you to keep warm as you wait for the midnight fireworks in the snowy weather.

Exotic Wining and Dining

Feasting is the epitome of your 30A Christmas experience. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are not the days when you stick in your room and prepare your meals. Instead, it is the best time to test your taste buds by going out for dinner. The region is home to multiple restaurants serving a wide range of global cuisines. Usually, there are party special combos on those select days. Choose what works best for your case and have fun while at it. When done with the dining part, it is now time to sample some wine. Sip your favorite bottle as you enjoy the events in the musical arena.

Where to Stay in 30A

Your Christmas and New Year’s experience in 30A goes hand in hand with the kind of vacation rental you book. Our team at Dune Vacation Rentals is determined to offer you accommodation options to match your holidaying desires. From beautiful waterfront condos to a multitude of other beach properties, you have all the luxury you would desire for a Christmas vacation. Private pools, patios, outdoor grills, and golf carts are some of the amenities that come with our customized rentals. Contact us today to book yours.

There’s magic to discover in 30A all year long, especially during the spooky season! Home to several beach towns along highway 30A on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, it’s a name that’s become synonymous with dreamy white sand beaches, tropical shores, and vivid, clear-blue water. It might not seem like the typical Halloween destination as it doesn’t have the standard fall scenery, but 30A certainly knows how to celebrate the season in style, from local events to fall activities. Whatever your vision for your 30A Halloween vacation is, you’re certain to have an unforgettable trip—a Halloween unlike any other!

Spend Your 30A Halloween at the Beach

One of the best things about spending a 30A Halloween here is that you get to experience an entirely different way to celebrate the holiday—and it involves copious amounts of beach time! Since the larger 30A community is made up of several smaller beach towns, you’ll be able to have your pick—maybe you want a low-key beach with lots of natural features, like the shorefront at Deer Lake State Park, or perhaps you want to spend a day at a vibrant beach with lots of nearby shopping and eateries, such as Rosemary Beach or Alys Beach. Seacrest Beach is another great option when you’re looking for a bit of relaxation. Inlet Beach is an ideal area to rent a bicycle and cruise along the shore. When you spend Halloween on a beach vacation, you get to trade fall flannels for sandals and swimsuits!

Visit the 30A Farmers Market to Get Into the Fall Spirit

Of course, just because you’re on a beach vacation for Halloween doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any of those typical, cozy fall delights. Pay a visit to the 30A Farmers Market to get your fall fix—vendors will be selling fresh produce, along with seasonal produce like your classic orange pumpkins. You can even take one back to your vacation rental to carve and create a little Halloween atmosphere! Grab a pumpkin spice latte and browse the market—beyond fresh ingredients, you’ll find other items for sale, such as locally-made jewelry, organic skincare, candles, and more. You might even find some fall-themed gifts or décor to take back home once your Halloween beach vacation comes to an end. There are four multiple locations for the 30A Farmers Market—the Watersound Town Center, Grand Boulevard, Rosemary Beach, and Niceville at Palm Plaza. The Rosemary Beach location is on Sundays, while the others are on Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Check Out Local 30A Halloween Events

With so many towns along 30A, you’re likely to find a fun Halloween event nearby! In Watersound, The Big Chill (formerly known as The Hub) hosts a family-friendly trick-or-treat event on Halloween weekend, while the Village of Baytowne Wharf shopping center offers a Halloween trick-or-treat event as well—in previous years, the Village of Baytowne Wharf has also hosted spooky movie nights, with classic Halloween flicks such as Hocus Pocus. Depending on which town you’re near, there are also community events such as trunk-or-treats, where you can bring the kiddos to collect goodies from the trunk of decorated cars.

Experience the Best of 30A Shopping

Fall is the time for sales, and it’s no different on 30A, even though we have beach weather almost all year long! If you’d like to do a bit of shopping on your Halloween visit to 30A, you’ll find your options plentiful, from large outdoor shopping malls to boutique shops. You might even find the missing accessory to complete your perfect costume for a Halloween night out on 30A.

Celebrate the Halloween Season in Style in 30A

After spending a day at the beach, you can get dressed up in your spookiest gear and check out some of the local spots on 30A for a night full of music and dancing. Depending on where you’re staying, you’re likely to be near a venue with live music on the weekends. Some popular spots along the beach include the Salty Goat Saloon and Whiskeys Saloon. In the past, Local Catch Bar and Grill, Louis Louis, and the Old Florida Fish House have thrown Halloween bashes with DJs and costume contests! These are certainly some of the best places to go out for Halloween on 30A!

Reserve Your 30A Halloween Vacation Rental Today!

If you’re ready to learn more about our fabulous 30A Halloween beach vacation rentals, our friendly team is ready to chat—just give us a call, and we’ll help you pick the perfect 30A Halloween rental today!