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When a fantastic and refreshing getaway is what travelers are after, they won’t have any trouble finding what they’re searching for in Florida’s 30A. Here, there are plenty of appealing shorelines, surf, and sun to go around as well as opportunities to get out and explore a collection of charming coastal communities. Situated between Destin and Panama City, 30A defines Emerald Coast allure along roughly 20 miles of captivating coastline. It’s a Florida Panhandle locale that’s loved by visitors from across the map and quickly becomes a place guests look forward to enjoying year after year.  If you’re someone with a passion for fascinating landscapes, you’ll love that 30A is home to a collection of rare coastal dune lakes that are found only in a select few places on the planet. Here are the top reasons to book direct in Rosemary Beach instead of Airbnb.

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Book Direct in Rosemary Beach Instead Of Airbnb

No matter when you arrive for your inviting 30A stay, you’re going to want to be sure you pick a vacation rental that makes you feel right at home. Choosing a luxurious property that keeps you close to the places you can’t wait to explore is step one. How you choose to book your stay once you have your dream retreat picked out is equally important. Unfortunately, if you don’t understand the advantages and disadvantages of your varying options, you could find yourself losing out on a significant amount of time and money. If you want to ensure your peace of mind and enjoy the stay you deserve in 30A, the following are some of the many top reasons to move away from Airbnb and book your rental direct instead.

Book Direct Instead Of Airbnb

You Can Count on Exceptional Customer Service Every Step of the Way

When you book your stay through a third-party site, you become a number in an intricate reservation system that can sometimes be focused more on quantity than quality. Travelers who are looking to elevate their 30A getaway with great customer care included in the booking process will find booking a stay direct through a property management team has huge and personalized advantages.

When you book direct, you’ll be working closely with professionals who know the area, know the home you’re interested in and are readily available to answer any questions or concerns you might have through the process. They’re on hand to explain any booking fees involved and can clearly explain everything from home amenities and features to cancellation policies and damage insurance options. Before you arrive at your rental, a property manager can provide you with everything you need to get your stay underway seamlessly without any digital hassles included.

Booking direct also means you’ll be given access to a maintenance and cleaning team that’s ready to go if something unexpected arises during your stay. Having personalized customer service included in your booking experience gives you the peace of mind you deserve when traveling.

You’ll never have to worry about frustrations when you can’t get a real person on the phone to help with questions or when you have inquiries about payments. Those who book their stay directly with Dune Vacation Rentals will find themselves in the capable hands of a team of property professionals who are passionate about the people and places they serve and aim to partner with guests and homeowners every step of the way. They’re a single resource for all of your needs and stand out in the marketplace thanks to their quality care and above-and-beyond approach to hospitality at all times.

You Can Relax Knowing You’re Getting the Best Price Out There

Booking directly through a property management team in 30A means you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees that can be associated with an Airbnb stay or other third-party site you use to make a reservation. In some cases, guests will find themselves paying up to 12% in user fees just for going elsewhere to book their stay. If you want to keep more money in your wallet for enjoying during your vacation, booking direct is the way to go. Property managers will walk you through the payment process and if you have questions about any of the costs, you’ll get your answers in real time.

Booking direct through Dune Vacation Rentals is even more beneficial financially for returning guests who receive a $250 loyalty discount with every subsequent reservation. The Dune Vacation Rentals property management team is more than willing to help with any changes to your plans that happen along the way with far more financial flexibility built in than you’ll find at other sites. Last-minute deals available when booking direct could also be extremely advantageous to customers who are looking to save even more during high travel seasons. Because property management teams like Dune Vacation Rentals invest in sophisticated market analytics to track market trends, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the most competitively-priced option when you book direct.

Book Our 30a Beachfront Vacation Rentals!

You Can Look Forward to Exclusive Deals

For the traveler who loves to stumble upon a great bargain, booking direct is a fantastic way to maximize your savings. Property management teams work directly with homeowners in the area and are able to provide special discounts and rates throughout the year that simply aren’t available anywhere else online. Sometimes, those deals aren’t direct discounts, but exciting upgrades in the way of amenities or features that will be available during your stay. Additionally, because a property management team is local to the area, they’re able to provide guests with a plethora of insider information regarding area attractions, events, and festivals that will be happening while you’re traveling. These are priceless experiences that you might otherwise overlook, but could truly be the highlight of your journey in the long run!

You Won’t Have to Worry About Whether or Not the Payment Process You Use Is Secure

Booking your stay direct through a property management team like Dune Vacation Rentals is already a good way to ensure you’re getting the best price and deal on your rental without having to worry about any hidden fees. Beyond those factors that provide so much peace of mind, booking direct also means that you can rest easy knowing your payment process is always going to be secure. When you book through a property management team, your payment goes directly to the source and you’re working hand-in-hand with the professionals who are taking care of the details. You can expect full transparency on this front when you book direct, and the same goes for situations where you might need to cancel or adjust your stay. You’ll have a single resource for payment questions and someone to work with through the process. This is a much better situation than when you book on other sites and often have no idea where your money is routed or who to get in touch with if things need to change along the way. Gift yourself the freedom to know where your rental downpayment and final payment go by booking direct.

Book Direct Instead Of Airbnb

You Can Partner with Professionals Who Care About Sustainable Travel

These days, perhaps more than ever, travelers are taking time to evaluate the way they roam and are looking for routes to enjoy vacations that have an emphasis on sustainability. When you book through Airbnb or other third-party sites, it can be nearly impossible to guarantee that certain eco-friendly practices are being put into place. When you want to be sure that your stay aligns with your planet-friendly travel plans, booking direct is almost always a better option. With a property management team, you’ll be in touch with the very people who are being any and all green initiatives that are going on at the property you’re planning to enjoy. This might be something as small as knowing you’ll have access to an electric car charger on-site, or it could be as vast as booking a home that’s outfitted with solar energy paneling from top to bottom. Finding energy-efficient homes or those that implement lush gardens and green spaces is made that much easier when you work with a property team directly who is as passionate about utilizing eco-friendly practices as you are.

You’ll Be Participating in a Practice That Supports Local Business

For many travelers, getting out in the world and discovering new places is an experience in self-discovery. However, making travel even more meaningful often means finding ways to give back to the communities and destinations you’ve set out to enjoy and see for yourself. When you book your vacation rental direct in 30A, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. Booking direct means working alongside local experts who are there to serve their communities, local homeowners, and guests excited to experience the area in a brand-new way. Investing in a local property management company as part of your booking process is a streamlined route to boosting the local economy and keeping personalized and tailored travel experiences well within reach for years to come. When you take time to try tour options and activities that are recommended by a property management team during the booking process, you’ll be further supporting those in the area who aim to share the home they love with others. It’s truly a win-win situation every way you look at it.

You’ll Never Have to Stress About a Booking Without Easy Access to Resources You Need Included

Far too often, booking through a third-party site like Airbnb puts you at the mercy of an unknown processor at the other end of the line. Many times, successfully processing the booking is the exclusive goal and there’s not much else to count on once that’s in place. This simply isn’t the case when you book your vacation rental direct. When you go through a property management team, you can rest assured that they come with a full lineup of homeowner services behind them. For guests, that means 24/7 access to a representative, meticulous home cleaning plans in place, and maintenance professionals ready to go in case you need them during your stay. Property management teams also come with insurance coverage plans for guests so if something happens, you have peace of mind and know what to expect if you’re the one at fault. A property management team will also make sure safety is a top priority and outline safety standards and guidelines in the home long before you arrive.

Book Direct Instead Of Airbnb

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When you’re ready to make the most of a well-deserved getaway to gorgeous 30A in Florida, there’s truly no reason to wait. Right now is the best time to turn your travel plans into a reality and when you want access to a wide variety of luxury homes in the area to choose from, Dune Vacation Rentals has you covered. Our property options across 30A are suitable for travelers of all types whether you’re here on a solo adventure, spending time with the one you love most or enjoying a getaway alongside family and friends. We have cozy abodes to rent as well as sprawling multi-level retreats to reserve when you can’t wait to embrace the space, style, and convenience you’ve been looking forward to.

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While we take care of all the accommodation details of your stay, you’ll be free to focus exclusively on the Florida fun ahead. Take time to reach out to our team of property professionals today to learn more about our many exciting and inviting property options available to enjoy the next time travel plans bring you in this direction. When you’re ready to book an amazing getaway, be sure to book direct through us for the best prices, overall security, customer care, insider benefits, and more! We look forward to seeing you in 30A soon.

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Discover our extensive selection of vacation rentals, offering guests access to extraordinary stays with world-class amenities and finishes that elevate your experience. Contact us today to explore our exciting and inviting beachfront property options and learn how we can enhance your road trip with unparalleled comfort, convenience, and excellence.

Spending time away from the hustle of life is a good way to relax, refresh, and unwind when you need it most. Travelers looking for a place to enjoy something new at every turn that’s as inviting and exciting as it is scenic will find it waiting for them in Florida’s 30A. Here, you can count on plenty of sunshine, sand, and surf to go around as well as the flavor, shopping fun, history, and wildlife to top off an itinerary for adventurers with interests of all kinds. The appeal of a 30A getaway is undeniably and when it’s a beautiful and diverse escape you’re after, the many charming coastal communities that make up 30A are sure to inspire. There’s no reason not to get out and explore them all while you’re here, and an unforgettable road trip is a breathtaking option when you want to make the most of every moment. Our guide for a road trip to 30A is a wonderful way to enjoy access to amazing experiences waiting for you in the collection of captivating seaside towns. Discover how to road trip along 30A, a scenic route dotted with charming beach towns and breathtaking coastal views.

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The Ultimate Guide For A Road Trip To 30A

Beach towns are at their very best when you travel to 30A and visitors who opt to take a road trip to see them all will find a wonderful array of tucked away communities thriving alongside more bustling locales. There’s truly something for everyone to love who heads to 30A on a road trip. Here, you’re free to slow down and really appreciate a calmer way of life with a focus on beach fun and family adventures at just about every turn. The seafood you’ll enjoy access to along 30A is a delight while the historic landmarks and amazing views are one-of-a-kind.  

Getting to 30A

Highway 30A gives the area its name and spans about 20 miles along the Florida Panhandle coastline. Stretching from Destin to Panama City, 30A is packed with potential for fun no matter where you roam or plan on spending the most time. If you’re flying in for road trip fun, the closest airport is Panama City’s Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport which is about 35 miles from Seaside. This small airport is an easy and welcoming destination with modern feature and amenities in place and no reason to worry about large crowds to contend with once you arrive. Another option for travelers looking to kick off their 30A journey and subsequent road trip is the Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport. If you opt to fly into the Pensacola International Airport, plan on about a 2-hour drive tor each 30A before kicking off your adventure.  


A Destination Made Up of Amazing Beach Communities

The fun of a road trip through 30A is that you’ll enjoy seamless access to the many beach communities that make up the area. If you travel West to East along 30A, you’ll have options to drop by Dune Allen Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Grayton Beach, WaterColor, Seaside, Seagrove Beach, WaterSound, Seacrest Beach, Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach, and Inlet Beach too. Ask locals and you might hear that Carillon Beach is sometimes considered an honorary mention in the lineup worth visiting as well. Whether you decide to road trip to all of the beach communities in 30A or stop by a few, you’ll find that each possesses its own unique personality, character, and style. While some travelers return time and again to the same 30A community, others come here to explore as many as possible with every trip. Either way, you’re in for a scenic and fun treat you won’t soon forget. 

Guide For A Road Trip To 30A

Best Time of Year to Plan Your 30A Road Trip

While there’s never a bad time of year to plan a road trip to 30A, crowds tend to decrease in the area outside of peak summer months. Typically, early May and late August and September through early October are wonderful times of year to enjoy a journey without so much summer stop and go included on the road. These times of year also make your road trip a bit more budget friendly. Oftentimes, prices for excursions, and at local shops tend to drop when you head this way outside of high travel season.  

Begin Your Trip at Santa Rosa Beach

When you head out on your 30A road trip, kick things off by stopping by Santa Rosa Beach. This is a laid-back destination where you’ll see far more golf carts running around than cars. The architecture across Santa Rosa Beach is a unique mix of A-frame style beach homes and four-story residences that are elegant and inviting. The beaches of Santa Rosa Beach are always a highlight thanks to free parking and nearby bike paths for those looking to explore the shoreline on two wheels. If cravings come calling during your stay, Café Tango is a terrific place to grab a bit while Local Catch Bar & Grill serves up fresh-caught fare at its best. It’s also where you can enjoy live music in the evenings or swing by for a Happy Hour cocktail and watch the sunset in style. 

Make Your Way to Seagrove

Next up on the road trip itinerary is scenic Seagrove. This welcoming escape is a great place to stop and enjoy a luxurious yet laid-back lifestyle year-round. Seagrove hosts an impressive and eye-catching collection of magnolia and oak trees to admire that offer up a fantastic natural backdrop for commemorative photos. The landscape here is dotted with charming cafes, unique boutiques, and easy access to outdoor fun and recreation. In Seagrove, you can spend quality time exploring destinations like Deer Lake State Park or making the most of moments pedaling your way along the iconic 30A Bike Trail, also known as the Timpoochee Trail. The beaches here are public and pristine and after time on the sand, you won’t want to leave without grabbing something to eat and drink over at Café Thirty-A. The Seagrove Village Market is another must-visit while you’re here and looking to enjoy shrimp po boys.  

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Plan on Spending Quality Time at Grayton Beach

The next stop on Highway 30A is Grayton Beach. This is known and loved as one of the communities that’s been in the area for the longest amount of time with a history dating back more than a century. The area has long drawn visitors from across the map thanks to the eclectic vibes it gives off, fantastic public art, and great beaches that are as beautiful as they are fascinating. Grayton Beach is home to the Red Bar where you can enjoy a drink and crab cakes with family and friends. The area is home to the lush Grayton Beach State Park and rare dune lakes that are ideal for spending a sunny afternoon on a paddleboard, admiring the fact that you’re on waters found in only a few other places across the globe. 

Savor Your Stay in Seaside

Architecture buffs will be thrilled with every minute they spend in Seaside during their 30A road trip. If you’re a cinema enthusiast, this might just be the highlight of your stay as it was the backdrop for the film “The Truman Show.” This picturesque community is hard not to fall in love with thanks to its collection of captivating New Urbanism structures featuring white picket fences, decorative gables, pastel facades, and stunning beach pavilions. Yes, Seaside even has cobblestone streets to wander down and enjoy stops in at local boutiques and eateries along the way. It’s a picture perfect place to spend time on the beach watching shorebirds, or renting a cabana and leisurely spending time with those you love most. If you’re looking for a quick bite while you’re here, Bud & Alley’s Taco Bar is a delicious place to add to your list. The Shrimp Shack is also a treat while you can’t go wrong with the menu of options waiting to be enjoyed at The Meltdown on 30A. 

Indulge Your Architectural Passions in Alys Beach

When you head over to Alys Beach, you can continue to indulge your passion for architecture with very few crowds to contend with. Alys Beach is a quiet and tranquil community that showcases a spectacular array of whitewashed buildings that give off Mediterranean vibes all around. There are lush courtyards dotting the spaces between, and if you didn’t know better, you might think you had temporarily found yourself in Mykonos. The beaches here are exclusive for residents and members, but that doesn’t take anything away from the views. It’s a wonderful place to relax and admire your surroundings before heading over to George’s at Alys Beach for lunch or dinner. 

Unwind in Rosemary Beach

Your next stop is Rosemary Beach which is as beautiful as it is picturesque. Rosemary Beach is home to charming cobblestone streets to explore as well as great paths for biking your way through a stay. Many visitors head here to check out the local shops and restaurants offering up great waterfront views. Once you’ve had your fill, you’re going to want to rent a beach chair and simply settle in for a while. Rosemary Beach is a great place for a breather and to enjoy soaking up the sun at your own pace.  

Guide For A Road Trip To 30A

Wind Things Down in WaterColor

End your road trip through 30A on a high note by making WaterColor your preferred destination. Here, you’ll be treated to views of gorgeous Old Florida-style homes that come with spectacular views and spacious porches to enjoy soaking up the sights at a leisurely pace. WaterColor hosts one of South Walton’s most beautiful coastal dune lakes known as Western Lake. This is a popular place to enjoy an afternoon of stand up paddleboarding or kayaking depending on your preference. Rentals are easy to access right at the WaterColor Boathouse and trails around the lake make for just as much hiking fun if you prefer to lace up your boots and explore on foot. Point Washington State Forest is also well within easy reach of WaterColor for visitors who are looking to expand their trekking adventures even further. 

Depending on what time of year you arrive, you might just be on time to enjoy the annual Mountainfilm on Tour Festival held in WaterColor annually. This is a two-night outdoor film festival that’s designed to inspire and educate audiences from near and far. WaterColor also hosts the Harvest Wine & Food Festival each year which offers up three days of savory fun where you can enjoy access to more than 250 wines on-site. 

The small town feeling here is irresistible and the world-class beach is one-of-a-kind. When cravings come calling, you and your road tripping crew won’t want to miss out on a stop at Fish Out of Water Restaurant which is loved for its fresh-caught fare and panoramic Gulf of Mexico views. The Gathering Spot is another great option that’s equally loved by locals. The main intersection in WaterColor is home to Beach Happy Café where many beachgoers drop in during the daytime for a quick bite or beverage. Here, you can find healthy wraps and sandwiches as well as pastries and coffee. If you’re on a road trip with little ones in tow, your stop in WaterColor isn’t complete without making time to enjoy The Candy Bar. This is a sweet stop where you can pick up delicious treats that everyone will love whether you’re up for truffles, lollipops, or jelly beans.  

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No matter when you decide to enjoy a well-deserved road trip to 30A, the team at Dune Vacation Rentals is here to make sure you have amazing accommodations in place to top off your trip in style. Our vacation rental options are vast and varied and provide guests with access to amazing stays complete with world-class amenities and finishes that make all the difference. Reach out today to learn more about our exciting and inviting beachfront property selections available and how we can help take your road trip to the next level of comfort, convenience, and excellence. 

Dune Vacation Rentals has expanded the collection of luxury vacation homes along the 30A corridor! Discover + Explore the most recent additions of premier properties for your next destination vacation! Plan your luxury destination vacation to the beautiful beaches of South Walton and STAY, PLAN, & PLAY with DUNE Vacation Rentals along the gorgeous gulf coast.

Experience Our Newest Residence in the Lake District of WaterColor, Florida ~ The Lazy Z

Located in the lovely Lake District of WaterColor, 156 Cove Hollow Street is a custom coastal luxury home offering an elegant designed beach retreat for up to 12 guests. Summer reservations now available for June & July of 2021! Book direct with Dune at (855) 813-3783.

‘The Lazy Z’ is perfectly situated in the beautiful nature reserve and conveniently located near the Sand Hill pool. This home offers 4 bedrooms, an additional master bedroom retreat, 5 ½ bathrooms, and a 6 seat golf cart.

A cozy front porch welcomes you and is the perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee before hitting the beach or Camp WaterColor, that is only a short golf cart ride away. The first floor of this home has an open floor plan that flows seamlessly from the living room into the kitchen so large families can enjoy being together without being cramped. The gourmet kitchen provides stainless steel appliances, a large center island for food preparation or bar stool seating for 6 guests. The stylish dining table can accommodate 6 guests.

Experience Our Newest Gulf Front Residence in WaterColor, Florida ~ 1928 E Co Hwy 30A

‘1928 E Co Hwy 30A’ boasts 3 bedrooms and 3 baths of gulf front luxury living along scenic highway 30A with breathtaking views of the beautiful beaches of South Walton!

Enjoy stunning, unobstructed views of the Gulf from the balcony on the second floor or during meal time at the dining table. The living space and kitchen are both located on the second floor of the home and boast the best beach views. The kitchen features stainless steel appliances and will have bar stool countertop seating. There is a bedroom on the second floor that has two bunk beds and has shared access to the hall bathroom with a single vanity and shower/tub combo.

The first floor of the home has two bedrooms each with their own bathroom. The bedroom on the left will have a king sized bed with two lofted beds above for additional guest to sleep in the room. The bedroom on the right will be the master bedroom and will have a king sized bed. Both of the bedrooms have access to the porch where you will find chaise lounge chairs and the outdoor shower that is perfect for rinsing off after being at the beach. The laundry room is also located on the first floor for convenience.

Dune Vacation Rentals is proud to introduce several new additions to the collection of luxury vacation homes available for your next 30A vacation getaway! With newly added properties throughout the incredible communities of the 30A corridor, Dune Vacation Rentals offers guests unparalleled customer service, exceptional homes, and luxury accommodations for even the most discerning of guests.

Discover these incredible vacation rental properties now offered to you by Dune Vacation Rentals, the premier luxury vacation rental provider along 30A!


“Second Sandbar” is a beautifully designed gulf front home in WaterColor! Interior designed and furnished by Toby West, an Atlanta interior decorator. This stunning home was published on the cover of a past issue of Veranda Magazine for its breathtaking views and color; “Panhandle Palette,” thus the name “Second Sandbar” as it is the aqua color inside and out, of the gorgeous second sandbar in the Gulf.



“Sea Dream” is a newly updated and luxurious gulf front home located in WaterColor! This home features three floors that each boasts stunning views of the Emerald Gulf Coast. “Sea Dream” is a 4 bedroom and 4 ½ bathroom home that can accommodate 12 guests during your beach vacation!



Viridian Unit 301 in Seagrove Beach is a stunningly, luxurious condominium home that has panoramic views of the emerald gulf coast and white sandy beaches! Throughout this 3 bedroom and 3 and a half bathroom home, you will find beautiful and intentional décor and furnishings that create the perfect beach retreat for relaxation.



“308 Pine Needle Way” is a charming 4 bedroom and 5 bathroom home that is nestled in the Forest District of the WaterColor Community! This beautiful property offers a carriage house, golf cart, and an outdoor space with a plunge pool, fire place, and comfortable seating for the entire family during your beach vacation!



Stagg By the Sea” is a lovely 5 bedroom + bunk nook home with a private pool and views of the gulf! This home can accommodate 16 guests during your stay in Seacrest Beach!

This home welcomes you with an incredible outdoor space featuring a private pool (can be heated for $35/day) and plenty of seating and dining for the entire family to enjoy. The three story window wall allows natural light to fill throughout the space and the open concept floor plan allows everyone to stay closely connected.



In the heart of Rosemary Beach, “Atticus Cottage” is a charming 3 bedroom and 3 bathroom home that is steps away from Barrett Square or a short bike ride to the beach!

This home greets you with a beautiful front porch that is perfect for relaxing in the morning with a cup of coffee. The first floor features an open concept flow from the living room to the kitchen with ten foot ceilings and abundant windows for the natural light to fill the space. The kitchen offers marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a spacious pantry for all of your afternoon snacks and sweet treats.

Autumn will officially “fall” upon us September 22, 2020 and we can’t hide our enthusiasm! We love the fall season and all the fun that comes along with cooler temperatures and local outdoor events. One of our favorite fall experiences is the dining and entertainment scene along the 30A corridor! What better way to dine and discover the flavors of the Emerald Coast, dining al fresco in the fall is at the top of our list!

Maybe you’re a Raving Fan and visit 30A every season or just looking to discover the perfect coastal getaway, regardless, you’re in for a treat! If you enjoy casual coastal fine dining, local talent and entertainment, or simply a fabulous bottle of wine at sunset with friends 30A offers both guests and locals a plethora of options for an incredible outdoor experience along the gulf coast!

Simple, Delightful, Al Fresco ~ Descriptions courtesy of Visit South Walton


One of the 30A area’s only large family-style restaurants and bars overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, FOOW is open to the public and serves lunch and dinner, as well as happy hour daily at the FOOWbar; live music offered seasonally. The menu, drinks, and interior design, coupled with an a streamlined open-air kitchen, create a lively and engaging ambiance- perfect for a midday break with family, a fun evening with friends or a romantic date night.

The Wine Bar at WaterColor

The Wine Bar is renowned among locals for its award-winning wine list. Our delectable cuisine is served in a sophisticated yet informal setting making it the right place for any gathering or celebration.

Shunk Gulley Oyster Bar

The “Shunk Gulley” is a bar/restaurant located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Its name comes from a historical fishing reef located directly to the South of the bar in the Gulf of Mexico.

Grayton Seafood Company

A neighborhood gathering spot and seafood restaurant on Scenic 30A in South Walton, Florida.At Grayton Seafood Co. you will always find a comfortable seat, inspired and creative dishes, cold beer, grayt wines and friendly faces.

Havana Beach Bar & Grill

Havana Beach Bar & Grill is The Pearl Hotel’s signature AAA 4-Diamond Restaurant. You revel in the flavors of Gulf Coast Americana cuisine with old world Spanish, Portuguese, and French influences. With meats, fish and produce from family-owned, small-producers within just miles of your plate, Havana Beach Bar & Grill is a true South Walton culinary staple. Outdoor seating on the Veranda allows views overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and Main Street.

Stay, Plan, + Play with DUNE Vacation Rentals and “fall” in love with the 30A lifestyle! Book Direct or call our team of destination vacation experts at (855) 813-3783.

Visit South Walton provides the perfect description of Seacrest Beach…

Casual and quiet, yet full of character.

“Seacrest welcomes those who want to relax without a worry. Lounge by a dune lake, bask by the beach or stroll to the shops. In Seacrest, you don’t need a set schedule.

Head to this family-friendly spot to join a tight-knit community in all-natural surroundings, but also for shopping, dining, outdoor adventure and – of course – the beach.”

We can’t get enough of this location and the Shiplap House! We are thrilled to announce that Shiplap House located at 41 Tranquil Way in Seacrest Beach is available for the fabulous fall season on 30A.

What sets the Shiplap House apart from any other coastal vacation cottage?  ‘Shiplap House’ in Seacrest Beach is a perfect mix of coastal chic and farmhouse style to provide you a home away from home. Steps to the beach and situated in a quiet community this home provides a luxurious beach vacation destination retreat for your family, friends, or both!

A custom 4 bedroom and 3 bath coastal chic luxury vacation home offers serenity and space for up to 10 guests. The “Farmhouse Meets Coastal” design is carried through every inch of this house boasting shiplap walls, sliding barn doors and rustic details. This fantastic home offers a unique reverse style floor plan with the living/dining, kitchen and Master Suite elevated to the second floor and additional living arrangements on the first floor.

What are guests like you saying about their stay at Shiplap House?


This house exceeded our exceptions! The beach and community pool were less than four minutes from the house. Kitchen was fully stocked, very clean, great out door patio area, can’t wait to come back!

Raving Fan ~ Greta | Spring 2020

Introducing Outside the Box in Seaside, FL…
Now available “Outside the Box” is a stunning gulf front home located in the beautiful community of Seaside! Located at 2112 E County Highway 30A along the highly desirable Seaside, Florida corridor. Offering guests three levels of outdoor living spaces that boast gorgeous views of the white sandy beach — this custom beach front home boasts 4 bedrooms & 4.5 baths, accommodating 12 guests for your next luxury vacation summer destination!

Experience a Seaside,Florida escape with pristine white sands of the gorgeous beaches and the shimmering emerald waters only a walk or bike ride away. And, with shops and dining easily accessible from anywhere, families can be sure that they will never run out of things to do in Seaside. Stop by Sundog Books, Central Square Records, The Art of Simple, Fusion Art Glass, the shops of Ruskin Place, to name a few for beautiful artwork or fashionable clothing. Dine at Seaside’s wonderful restaurants or grab a snack at one of the vintage Airstream trailers lining 30A that have become a staple of Seaside’s beach town image.

Happy Tuesday from 21 Bluejack Street ~ WaterColor, FL…

Introducing “21 Bluejack Street” tucked away in the pristine nature preserve and wooded walking trails that can only be found in the Lake District of WaterColor, FL! Perfect for a Dad and his crew. The man in your life is sure to love the inclusions with this fantastic rental property including a golf cart (4 person) + 6 beach cruisers!

Discover this beautiful custom two-story property, boasting 6 bedrooms + 6.5 baths of modern luxury — a first time rental furnished with contemporary decor, whitewashed wood floors, and a beautiful floor-to-ceiling seashell tabby gas fireplace. Book direct at bit.ly/39sRnHr!

What are guests saying about their luxury destination stay in WaterColor, Florida with Dune Vacation Rentals?


Lovely Home! We have been coming to Watercolor for twenty years. This is by far our favorite home. Absolutely gorgeous. Kitchen is beautiful and well equipped, which was a bonus as we enjoy cooking a couple of nice meals during our stay. Loved the high ceilings in main area of home and all furnishings were very nice. Back porch was our family favorite for board games. London, with Property Management, was very kind, we experienced a flawless process with reservation. Will definitely use Dune Vacation Rentals for future visits to 30A!

Crabbin’ House South | WaterColor, FL


This was our second time to rent the Good Stuff. We love this house and it’s perfect for our family! Nada was so helpful this year as we had to move our dates around a bit due to Covid 19. We absolutely love the private beach with fewer people. The beach guys were awesome and kept our part of the beach perfect! We’re going to make our reservation for next year as soon as we can!!!!!

The Good Stuff | WaterColor, Florida


The home was beautiful, clean, and had everything you need for a wonderful vacation!

Serendipity | WaterColor, FL

Stay, Plan, + Play with Dune Vacation Rentals ~ The premiere luxury destination vacation rental company along 30A!

What Are Guests Saying About Their WaterColor Stay With DUNE? These Raving Fans are eager to share and ready to return for another luxury vacation destination vacation along 30A with Dune Vacation Rentals! Have you postponed your spring adventure? No worries! Dune Vacation Rentals offers an array of luxury coastal accommodations for any size vacation party and all along the 30A corridor. Have a favorite beach community on the Emerald Coast? Dune is proud to offer the premier collection of exceptional rental homes for even the most discerning of guests! Experience for yourself  what these previous guests already know! Stay, Plan, & Play with Dune Vacation Rentals in WaterColor, Florida & all along 30A!


Stress Free | 197 Scrub Oak Circle ~ WaterColor, FL

“Stress Free is appropriately named. We had five household and four generations all housing together. It accommodated all our needs fabulously. The location was perfect to bike to the square or to the beach. The gourmet kitchen so well furnished for those wanting to cook. The bathrooms were gorgeous, the bedrooms were spacious, and beautifully decorated. Everyone in our party loved the home, the location and the amenities. It was a delightful week, and we will be back! And thanks Dune for being responsive to all of our needs!”


Beach Side of 30A | 31 Park Row Lane ~ WaterColor, FL

“BEST HOUSE SO FAR! Beautiful home and location was perfect!”


169 Scrub Oak Circle ~ WaterColor, FL

“This property is beautiful. Great layout for our large family. Really enjoyed the back deck and pool area with our kids late in the afternoon. Recommend renting a golf cart, which makes it easy to access the watercolor pools and beach. The rooms were well furnished, beds and bedding were super comfortable. Double washers and dryers were also helpful to keep towels and clothes going for a large group. The kitchen was well furnished for a rental and had most everything we needed. The home was clean and mostly well maintained. One significant suggestion is to refinish or change the decking surfaces on the outer part of the lower level and the 4th level overlook. We had multiple issues with splinters with different people, which shouldn’t happen at a property of this caliber. Nada and her team were amazing, perhaps the best property management service we’ve ever had at the beach. They communicated frequently and we felt like they were accessible if needed.”

What is your dream destination vacation? Does it involve a beautiful beach with sugar white sand and crystal clear emerald waters? How about boutique shops that provide an eclectic selection of  coastal lifestyle pieces, local art galleries, a truly iconic book store, ice cream shops, and casual fine dining with a coastal southern twist. Sound good yet? Well, we cant wait!

Allow Dune to host you and your vacation party this summer season in Seaside, FL! Wish you were here? It’s your luck day…Day Dream at 23 E. Ruskin Street in Seaside, Florida has available stays beginning in July! A truly Dreamy Destination. Reserve you Seaside, FL stay with Dune Vacation Rentals at (855) 813-3783.

This gorgeous Seaside, Florida vacation home is available NOW! Day Dream with DUNE.
23 E. Ruskin Street offers guests 360 degree views from the 2 balconies of this phenomenal brand new beach home with 4 bedrooms + 5.5 baths, perfect for up to ten guests!

Stunning king bedrooms in the main house each with ensuite bathrooms. Unique and thoughtful seating areas on the 2nd floor and 3rd floor using stylish day beds (5 total) for lounging plus an additional full bathroom in the hallway. This house is professionally decorated with an exquisite, beach-chic theme throughout.

Planning a luxury vacation Seaside, Florida getaway? Dune offers only the finest homes along the 30A corridor, from Dune Allen Beach to Inlet Beach our collection of exceptional properties and unparalleled service are second to none. Stay Seamlessly ~ Discover Dune.