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The idyllic 30A is famous for its fantastic scenery and impressive communities. One of these brilliantly designed unincorporated residential communities in the area is Watercolor. This relatively new and remarkable residential area lies between Seaside and the fabled Grayton Beach State Park. Like other 30A gems, the community features excellent accommodations, well-maintained trails, and elaborately planned parks. Part of these charming homes in this unique neighborhood is the amazing Playing Hooky, a three-bedroom vacation home with a carriage house. This impressive abode lies at the heart of Watercolor’s Park District. Its prime location strategically places it close to the excellent amenities Watercolor offers. You can stay in this unique rental when exploring the fascinating 30A during your Watercolor trip. Here are the intricate details you need to know about this wonderful home.

A Remarkable Interior

Since Watercolor lies along the scenic Florida coast, most houses feature white hue variations. Playing Hooky exhibits the same color palette extending from the exterior to the interior. Incorporating such a hue indoors helps improve the aesthetic appeal of the house. Additionally, the white color helps enhance lighting, ultimately elevating the clarity of the house’s interior décor. Offering such clarity also goes a long way in improving the indoor atmosphere.

The first room on the first floor that captures your attention the moment you step into the house is its impressive living room area. The excellent design of this room stems from the materials used and the furnishings incorporated into the area. The brilliant design is noticeable in the skillfully designed wood paneling that partly wraps the interior walls of this room. Quality furniture strategically lying across the room also forms a considerable part of this lovely interior décor. The flooring also blends with the walls, ultimately inspiring an appealing interior design.

Besides featuring excellent furnishings, the living room has a double-sided fireplace, with the opposite side facing the dining area. You can relax on the cozy seats taking in some warmth from the fireplace as you enjoy watching TV. The room also features art pieces placed on racks and hangings on the walls. Incorporating these pieces of art improves the living room’s atmosphere. These artistic pieces make the space more appealing and convenient for unwinding. The well-curated art pieces also enhance the area’s vibrancy. They capture your curiosity anytime you’re relaxing in the room.

Next to this well-designed living room is a fully-equipped gourmet kitchen. Well-crafted cabinetry and broad granite countertops make up the primary furnishings of this kitchenette. In addition to featuring such brilliant pieces of furniture, the cooking area incorporates excellent kitchenware. You can prepare all kinds of meals in this area using the provided kitchenware and cookware, including an oven, a toaster, and more.

The dining area, which can host up to eight people, also lies in this cooking area. You can enjoy a meal in this area while taking in the outdoor vistas or getting warmed by the double-sided fireplace. Additionally, you can dine alfresco in the outdoor space accessible from the kitchen area. There’s also a laundry room off the kitchenette for guests residing on the first floor.

Another amenity on the first floor is the master bedroom, with a king-size bed and a private bath. The bathroom features a shower and tub. Given the diverse options in store for you, you can pick your preferred showering choice for a refreshing bath after a day exploring the scenic 30A. There’s also a half bath for the convenience of guests staying on the first floor.

The other bedroom, which features two queen-size beds and a private bathroom, lies on the second floor. This room provides access to the front porch for stunning views of Watercolor. A spiral staircase on this level also takes you to the tower for more exciting vistas. The carriage house also has a king-size bed and an outdoor bathroom. All these rooms can host up to eight guests at a time.

An All-inclusive Exterior

The majority of 30A communities incorporate extensive parks with excellent amenities. Your Watercolor vacation doesn’t shy away from including these diverse amenities. Before exploring what the community offers, you can first utilize Playing Hooky’s outdoor space. This expansive exterior space features a grill, a dining table for six people, parking for two, an outdoor shower, and three beach cruiser bikes. Once you arrive, you can familiarize yourself with the surroundings. You can pick one of the cruiser bicycles in the vacation rental for a ride around the community and its immediate attractions, such as Seaside.

Enjoy Your Watercolor Trip at the Playing Hooky

Florida’s scenic 30A boasts unique communities with excellent vacation rentals. Lying in Watercolor, one of these remarkable communities is the iconic Playing Hooky. This three-bedroom vacation rental features top amenities to cater to your accommodation needs. Reach out to us today to book your stay at the Playing Hooky.

Picture this, waking up to a spectacular vista of the Gulf as you sip on a flavorful cup of coffee while viewing the breathtaking rising sun or going to bed after capturing the mind-blowing sunset. Well, if this is something you fancy or have on your wish list, our exquisite Blue View beach vacation home is here to help you fulfill your fantasies. Our charming beach 30A vacation rental is a four-bedroom that can accommodate you and your friends or family. That’s not all. This magnificent beach home offers three stories of the outstanding backdrop of the Gulf that will make your stay in this haven special. Are you uncertain of where to spend your family reunion, a friend get-together, or where to take your work vacation? Consider us, and you will keep coming back for more. 

Classy Amenities

Some people enjoy traveling by road as they explore and take in the different roadside views. But when the matter of parking space comes up, most road travelers get worried. But that shouldn’t be a problem when staying at our beach home is in your plan. You will find a well-secured parking space for two vehicles. When you feel like going to the beach, you can use any of the four Beach Cruiser Bicycles at our property.

But there is more to our gorgeous 30A vacation rentals. Our beach home has two inviting living rooms with white ceilings and walls, exuding a serene aura ideal for unwinding. The appealing arts and decor, on the other hand, give this room a touch of class. With everything in the welcoming living rooms oozing nothing short of sophistication, you can chill on the cozy sofas and chairs as you watch a movie from the smart television mounted on the wall. If you are looking for a more relaxed way to spend your time, the living room on the second floor has balcony access that allows you to view the stunning Seaside Town Center. As you admire the scenery, you can sip your favorite drink or take selfies for future recollections. 

What better place to explore and bring out the chef in you than in the kitchen found at our beach rental? On the third floor is a kitchen comprehensively equipped with high-quality stainless steel appliances, an impressive large marble center island, and splendid open shelves. With generous space, your companions can help around the kitchen with cleaning or keep you company over a few drinks as the meal gets ready. There is also a comfy breakfast nook where you can curl up with a good book as you pass the time. You can relish the savory homemade feast from the dining table, accommodating ten and showcasing clear views of the eye-catching Gulf. Are you wondering what to do when your belly is full? You can nap or chat with your friends or family from the balcony featuring a cozy outdoor swing bed and comfy seats.

Besides exploring a new locale, most vacationers look forward to having adequate rest. Fortunately, our vacation abodes have four fully furnished bedrooms guaranteeing you get the rest that will leave you rejuvenated. The alluring walls embellished with beautiful art exude the perfect ambiance you need to connect with your partner and have a peaceful night. The bedrooms each have a chair you can rest from as you listen to music or scan through the pages of your book. From the queen guest bedroom fitted with two twin XL beds to the main bedroom having a king-sized bed and premium bedding, getting a world-class experience is guaranteed. The master bedroom has a TV allowing you to watch a bedtime movie as you strengthen the bond with your lover.

After a long day sunbathing, swimming, or exploring this majestic place, you might feel weary and sweaty. But no one wants to carry back dirty, sweaty clothes after a vacation. Luckily, we ensure you leave this slice of paradise sparkling clean. From our beach holiday house, you will find two well-furnished laundry rooms that you can put to use. When you want to freshen up, our first-class beach homes have squeaky-clean bathrooms that will ensure you wash the salt off and feel refreshed. You can take a long soothing shower as you sing to your favorite song or create your tune. Alternatively, if you are looking for ways to spend quiet time alone to reflect and de-stress, you can soak in the bathtub as you sip on a glass of wine. Whatever it is that will make your stay exceptional, we’ve got you covered. 

Reserve our Amazing 30A Vacation Rental Stay

Is a memorable stay that will make you come again something you are looking forward to experiencing? If you are looking to create memories that will make you keep coming back for more, our rentals are a great pick. Get in touch with us now and reserve elegant accommodation that will give you value for your money and help you create special memories with your loved ones in this piece of heaven.