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Surfing in 30A

Deciding to head to scenic 30A in the name of fun is always a treat for travelers, especially if you have a passion for getting out on the water and surfing your way through a stay! 30A is a prime Florida locale for surfing adventures to be enjoyed whether you’re entirely new to the sport and looking to learn or an experienced surfer hoping to put their skills to the test. Of course, making the most of the excitement means understanding the area’s surf patterns and places to explore. The following is a great place to start for finding where to go surfing in 30A the next time travel plans bring you this way. 

Where To Go Surfing in 30A

Before you head out to surf, it’s important to check weather conditions, and surfing excursions in 30A are no exception to the rule. Be sure to keep an eye on offshore winds in this area running from northeast to north-northwest. When combined with the ground swell, surfers will find 30A is perfect for hitting the waves and having fun. During the summertime, onshore winds tend to dominate the beaches, which provide a more tranquil surf experience but are still equally inviting for adventurers looking to hang ten. When surfing in 30A is your top priority, consider early morning outings in the summer for the best chances at the swells you’re hoping for.   

Surf Attire to Invest in for 30A Adventures

The sand that makes up the 30A beaches and the sea floor is inviting for sunbathers but can cause surf rashes as well. For this reason, it’s advisable that surfers invest in a pair of quality surf shorts before heading out on the water as well as a Lycra t-shirt to protect skin from the sand and sun alike. Additionally, it’s important to have a quality longboard in hand when surfing the Gulf Coast that makes it simple to paddle out and is optimal for balance.  

Where to Take Surf Lessons

While there are many options when it comes to 30A surf lessons, Austin Magee’s Surf School is a great choice. Located at 2236 E. County Highway 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, this surf school serves all of 30A and the entirety of the Emerald Coast. Lessons are often 2 hours in length and can be booked as private lessons, group lessons, or mini lessons according to preference. This surf school also provides surfboard rental options.  

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