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Camp Helen State Park Guide

Taking time to unwind by planning a trip to Florida’s scenic 30A is always a great idea! Those who make their way in this direction and have a heart for the great outdoors will find endless reasons to savor time at Camp Helen State Park. This beautiful and inviting destination offers up the best of natural beauty and outdoor recreation alike. Whether you drop by for a few hours or spend the day, you’re sure to be glad you checked out our Camp Helen State Park Guide.

Camp Helen State Park Guide

A visit to Camp Helen State Park is more than just a chance to get out and breathe in the fresh Florida air. This one-of-a-kind destination covers 180 acres of terrain and is bordered by the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico. It also shares a border with Lake Powell which happens to be the largest of the rare coastal dune lakes that this part of Florida is proud to call its own. At Camp Helen State Park, rich natural and cultural stories come together seamlessly. Visitors here can enjoy time exploring the remains of middens and mounds that date back to prehistoric times! These features speak to a past reaching back more than 4,000 years into history. Camp Helen State Park hosted employees of the Avondale Mills as a resort destination between 1945 and 1987. Today, many of those park buildings have been restored and guests can take time to look back into this piece of park history too.


What to Do When You Visit Camp Helen State Park

Beyond encountering exciting pieces of history, Camp Helen State Park is an oasis of fun when it comes to outdoor recreation. Visitors can enjoy beachcombing and swimming as well as hiking, wildlife watching, and fishing too. Picnicking is another popular activity enjoyed by Camp Helen State Park visitors while just as many drop by to savor time birding and paddling as well. Time at Camp Helen State Park gives visitors access to amenities like picnic pavilions and a visitor center as well as easy parking, on-site showers, and interpretive exhibits throughout. The park is open from 8:00 am until sunset daily and the entrance fee is $4 per vehicle and $2 for pedestrians and cyclists. Camp Helen State Park is easily found at 23937 Panama City Beach Parkway.  

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