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Along with the amazing change of seasons here on the coast in the panhandle, we also experience great rebirth in the wildlife based on the time of year. This often times includes many different types of bug hatches and the migration of monarch butterflies. While we love the regrowth and cyclical nature of our spot here along the water, it can wreak havoc on your car. We can easily pick your car up and get it washed for you or arrange to have a mobile car wash detailer come to your home. Beachy Clean Car Wash in Santa Rosa Beach is a simple drive-through modest car wash or for a more robust drive-through and hand dried clean, Executive Car Wash in Sandestin provides a de-bugging agent popular with the locals. If you prefer to have your car washed at your home, we can send a reputable detailer to you to handle your needs.

Simply fill in the information below with your preferred appointment date(s) and time(s) and one of our representatives will happily get back to you to confirm rates and availability.

Please note:

  • Dune accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by the car washes should any occur. We will work with the providers to try to rectify any issues but are not able to guarantee your 100% satisfaction in the outcome.
  • Wait times are likely, especially at Executive Car Wash, during peak seasons. It is highly recommended that this service be performed first thing in the morning to minimize any inconvenience to you during your stay.
  • The fee for this service includes $30 per hour for pick-up and delivery of your vehicle and 20% of the total bill

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