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The idyllic 30A is famous for its fantastic scenery and impressive communities. One of these brilliantly designed unincorporated residential communities in the area is Watercolor. This relatively new and remarkable residential area lies between Seaside and the fabled Grayton Beach State Park. Like other 30A gems, the community features excellent accommodations, well-maintained trails, and elaborately planned parks. Part of these charming homes in this unique neighborhood is the amazing Playing Hooky, a three-bedroom vacation home with a carriage house. This impressive abode lies at the heart of Watercolor’s Park District. Its prime location strategically places it close to the excellent amenities Watercolor offers. You can stay in this unique rental when exploring the fascinating 30A during your Watercolor vacation. Here are the intricate details you need to know about this wonderful home.

A Remarkable Interior

Since Watercolor lies along the scenic Florida coast, most houses feature white hue variations. Playing Hooky exhibits the same color palette extending from the exterior to the interior. Incorporating such a hue indoors helps improve the aesthetic appeal of the house. Additionally, the white color helps enhance lighting, ultimately elevating the clarity of the house’s interior décor. Offering such clarity also goes a long way in improving the indoor atmosphere.

The first room on the first floor that captures your attention the moment you step into the house is its impressive living room area. The excellent design of this room stems from the materials used and the furnishings incorporated into the area. The brilliant design is noticeable in the skillfully designed wood paneling that partly wraps the interior walls of this room. Quality furniture strategically lying across the room also forms a considerable part of this lovely interior décor. The flooring also blends with the walls, ultimately inspiring an appealing interior design.

Besides featuring excellent furnishings, the living room has a double-sided fireplace, with the opposite side facing the dining area. You can relax on the cozy seats taking in some warmth from the fireplace as you enjoy watching TV. The room also features art pieces placed on racks and hangings on the walls. Incorporating these pieces of art improves the living room’s atmosphere. These artistic pieces make the space more appealing and convenient for unwinding. The well-curated art pieces also enhance the area’s vibrancy. They capture your curiosity anytime you’re relaxing in the room.

Next to this well-designed living room is a fully-equipped gourmet kitchen. Well-crafted cabinetry and broad granite countertops make up the primary furnishings of this kitchenette. In addition to featuring such brilliant pieces of furniture, the cooking area incorporates excellent kitchenware. You can prepare all kinds of meals in this area using the provided kitchenware and cookware, including an oven, a toaster, and more.

The dining area, which can host up to eight people, also lies in this cooking area. You can enjoy a meal in this area while taking in the outdoor vistas or getting warmed by the double-sided fireplace. Additionally, you can dine alfresco in the outdoor space accessible from the kitchen area. There’s also a laundry room off the kitchenette for guests residing on the first floor.

Another amenity on the first floor is the master bedroom, with a king-size bed and a private bath. The bathroom features a shower and tub. Given the diverse options in store for you, you can pick your preferred showering choice for a refreshing bath after a day exploring the scenic 30A. There’s also a half bath for the convenience of guests staying on the first floor.

The other bedroom, which features two queen-size beds and a private bathroom, lies on the second floor. This room provides access to the front porch for stunning views of Watercolor. A spiral staircase on this level also takes you to the tower for more exciting vistas. The carriage house also has a king-size bed and an outdoor bathroom. All these rooms can host up to eight guests at a time.

An All-inclusive Exterior

The majority of 30A communities incorporate extensive parks with excellent amenities. Your Watercolor vacation doesn’t shy away from including these diverse amenities. Before exploring what the community offers, you can first utilize Playing Hooky’s outdoor space. This expansive exterior space features a grill, a dining table for six people, parking for two, an outdoor shower, and three beach cruiser bikes. Once you arrive, you can familiarize yourself with the surroundings. You can pick one of the cruiser bicycles in the vacation rental for a ride around the community and its immediate attractions, such as Seaside.

Enjoy Your Watercolor Vacation at the Playing Hooky

Florida’s scenic 30A boasts unique communities with excellent vacation rentals. Lying in Watercolor, one of these remarkable communities is the iconic Playing Hooky. This three-bedroom vacation rental features top amenities to cater to your accommodation needs. Reach out to us today to book your stay at the Playing Hooky.

With the weather warming up and the spring season on the horizon, it is that time of the year again. February is the month of love. While the rest of the world is busy making dinner reservations, it is your turn to book a flight to 30A with your partner. Experience Valentine’s celebration with a difference in Florida’s 30A. This iconic highway is home to multiple beaches that are perfect for a romantic vacation. Whether you will be there for a day, two days, or even a week, these beaches have all it takes for a romantic stay. The following 30A events will spice up your Valentine’s celebration.

Helicopter Tours

Valentine’s experience in 30A is all about seeking new challenges. The newest challenge on your sleeve this time round is a helicopter tour. After touring this part of Florida on foot and enjoying all of its beaches, now is the right time for an aerial experience of the same. The views from up there are everything you would need for your Valentine’s Day celebration. Afternoons are best suited for clear aerial shots. Such rides make you appreciate the white sand beaches of 30A even more.

Dolphin Tours

Dolphins are not just any other marine wildlife, at least in this part of the world. They are a set of intelligent and adaptive animals that are easy to interact with. 30A is a favorite spot for them and it won’t take long before you spot one. Instead of sitting idle on the beach, make the best out of your Valentine’s vacation by hopping on a dolphin tour ride. These animals have a reputation for being super-friendly. They are fast learners and will often mimic what you do. If you are brave enough, you can as well engage them in a swimming competition.

Golf Competition for Couples

Valentine’s Day experiences in 30A are not tied to romantic dates and luxury shopping alone. Sometimes all you need is a game of your liking. Golfing is one of the valuable ways to spend time together as a couple. Whether you are first-timers or amateurs, 30A has the perfect setting to learn the intricacies of the sport. During this time, competitions are lined up for couples to compete against one another. It is a good place for you to interact with other couples and learn how to do things differently. Also, it is a recommended way to stretch your muscles after a long time of inactivity.

Sunset Cruise

A sunset cruise is one of the highlights of Valentine’s experience in 30A. They have an unrivaled romantic ambiance. With the sun going down on the far end of the sea and dolphins swimming their way to the shore, you are treated to such a unique experience. Sunset cruises in 30A are more than just a ride. It is also a fine dining and wining experience. If you’ve ever dreamt of popping champagne on a cruise, you have a rare chance to do it this Valentine’s. It is also the perfect setting for you to pop the question. With such details in the backdrop, she will know you mean every word.

Sandestin Gumbo Festival

Do you want to enjoy the best of 30A on a budget? The annual Sandestin Gumbo Festival is one you can’t miss. Gumbo is an American soup dish with flavored stock and meat as the key ingredients. This festival happens each year between mid and late February. All restaurants in the area line up to showcase their prowess in the preparation of the dish. This festival allows you to interact with locals to learn about their culture as part of your 30A Valentine’s experience.

30A Wine Festival

Besides the beach tours and a couple of dinners in 30A, there is one more thing left to make your Valentine’s vacation a success. It is the 30A Wine Festival. Instead of going for a glass of wine on a dinner date, now you have a chance to taste it directly from the winery’s barrel. All popular distillers and wineries in the region are part of this unique experience. Also, there are beers and cognacs to be sampled if the wine doesn’t please you. Best still, there are a couple of bitings paired with these drinks. In the evening, you will be treated to live music performances to cap the whole experience.

Where to Stay to Enjoy These 30A Events

Are you coming to 30A for this year’s Valentine’s experience? Dune Vacation Rentals is here to make your stay comfortable. Our properties extend to the vast 30A region. From Grayton and Inlet to Seagrove and Rosemary Beach, we give you the luxury to choose a location that works best for you. Our rentals have the right amenities to offer you an unparalleled beach experience. Enjoy our customized services as your vacation lasts. Contact us today to book yours.

Have you ever desired to go to bed or wake up to the calming sounds of the rolling waves? If that’s the case, planning a Seagrove Beach vacation is a great idea. This sophisticated destination in Florida is brimming with an array of exciting recreational activities, world-class eateries, and inviting family-friendly hotels and rentals, just to cite a few. But it’s only possible to discuss accommodation in this haven by mentioning our welcoming All About the Twins vacation home.

This alluring abode features five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms. Whether you plan a getaway with friends, family, or co-workers, this home can efficiently accommodate up to 13 guests, making it the perfect place to stay. And from the exquisite architecture and luxurious amenities, you will be glad you chose to stay in our rental. Below are reasons why this beautiful abode should be on your itinerary.

Chic Interior Amenities

Everything in the two living rooms oozes magnificence. Welcoming you are the deluxe sofas topped with colorful throw pillows offering you the rest you deserve after an eventful day. If you prefer to disconnect and escape to the fictional world, you can turn on the large flatscreen television mounted on the wall and enjoy a movie. You can cuddle by the fireplace during the chillier evenings while listening to soothing music. Even better, these rooms are spacious, making them ideal for gathering and having cheerful conversations.

When it’s time to prepare a tasty breakfast or dinner, you can be sure to do so in style. The brown kitchen cabinets complimenting the black countertop make this place stunning and calm, letting you focus entirely on preparing a delicious meal. Hosting a large kitchen island accommodating up to four guests, your traveling companions can join and keep you company or help wash the fruits as you handle the other cooking tasks. Since this culinary space is well-equipped with first-class appliances, cookware, bakeware, and utensils, you can work on your favorite recipe.


Getting adequate rest is one of the best ways to enjoy your vacation. When it’s time to get a great night of sleep, the fascinating master bedroom has everything to ensure you get the rest you need. Unlike the other rooms, the wall in this area is all white and exudes the peaceful ambiance you need to relax. With a flatscreen television available, you can decide to bond over a romantic movie with your better half before falling asleep. If you feel like freshening up, the spotless bathroom will satisfy you in almost all aspects. You can soak in the soothing bathtub and calm your nerves as you soul-search. The other four bedrooms are just as inviting. They have first-rate carpets, lights, and large beds with premium linens.

Exquisite Outdoor Features

The mind-blowing beauty of All About the Twins goes beyond the inside. You can fulfill your vacation dreams from the private balcony or the large decks fitted with comfortable seats. Spend your morning relishing the dazzling sunrise as you sip a tasty hot cup of coffee. But if you prefer to sleep in on escapes, you can grab the glorious sunset or star gaze at night with a flavorsome glass of wine.

Going out and exploring the stunning Seagrove Beach is lovely. But taking time to unwind and let go of the troubles and stresses you might be having is incredible. On the days all you want is to lazily float with a glass of juice in hand as you de-stress away from the sugar sand beach, the pristine pools await. Whether you wish to swim, put your feet in the water as you express your love to your partner, or engage in pool games, you can be sure to have fun. Once you finish swimming, you can chill from the cozy loungers as you soak up the sun and marvel at the breathtaking surroundings.

The outdoor space in this home is enough to accommodate everyone on your trip. You can invent creative outdoor games to pass the time and strengthen your bond. And when hunger strikes in, the vast porch has a picnic table, extra comfy seating, and a gas grill suitable for preparing an outdoor meal. Even better, this spot boasts a sensational Gulf view that will help bring out the chef in you and your fellow travelers. You can all help each other prepare a delicious feast as you chitchat, crack jokes, and take lovely photos for memories.

Plan a Seagrove Beach Vacation in Style

Vacations are awesome. And whether you are planning a one or two- week getaway to the enchanting Seagrove Beach, you can always count on us to provide you with a phenomenal rental that will make your stay unforgettable. If a holiday home that will help you check all the boxes on your list is what you desire, contact us today and reserve the charming All About the Twins.

Christmas holidays present the best opportunity for you to spend time with your loved ones. From feasting to setting up family Christmas trees, there is a lot you can do on this day from the comfort of your home. But there comes a time when the home isn’t fun anymore. Sometimes, hopping to a holiday destination, miles away from home is the best Christmas gift you can have. The white sands of Florida’s 30A offer a valuable alternative. Here are the top 30A Christmas events and activities for a memorable experience.

Envy the Christmas Light Displays

The first thing that ushers you to the Christmas vibe in 30A is the lights. These Christmas lights run throughout the entire holiday season. Depending on which side of 30A you will be visiting, you will be treated to different styles of lighting. Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach, Dune Allen Beach, Watercolor, and Seaside are all worthy considerations for you to see these beautiful lights. With the snowy conditions experienced during Christmas, these lights create unique patterns for a picturesque site. These lights are safely connected, allowing you to get really close if you need to. Kids will have a good time taking pictures with the lighting decorations in the backdrop. The fact that they run for the better part of December means you will be spending most of your evenings outside enjoying the beautiful view the lights offer.

Wait for Santa in the White Sands

What’s your experience with Santa? Well, there is no Christmas without Santa, especially for kids. Santa holds a special place in children and they would be disappointed if he is nowhere to be seen. However, there is no need to worry since Santa is waiting for you at the beach. Dressed in his signature regalia, Santa will be ready to embrace your kids and in other cases bring them gifts. With paintings and art all over their face, children too will be in that Christmas mood ready for the 30A experience. Allow them to interact with Santa and take pictures whenever possible.

Embrace the Fireworks

New Year’s Eve is a good time to reflect on the hits and misses of the previous year. 30A allows you to add a celebration aspect on top of the reflection. With the region’s vibrant nightlife, it will be hard for you to stick to your room. It would make more sense for you to hop into one of the parties being hosted around as you wait for the fireworks to start cracking. If you came to 30A with your kids, there are a bunch of kid-friendly activities for them to explore. Kids too will enjoy being outside for the night playing with ice as the year nears completion. When the fireworks time comes, no one should be left behind. There is a whole tradition surrounding the popping of fireworks. To some, it is a way of blowing away all the evils of the previous year while still ushering in favors from the new year. Don’t forget to take pictures and videos of the popping fireworks.

30A Christmas Events: Play Ball Drop Game

Have you seen balloons being thrown around during concerts? Now it’s your turn to take part in this activity, albeit in a not-so-volatile setting. Since it is not a professional game as such, you won’t need any specialized equipment to play. It is the kind of game that doesn’t require some prior training. Just hit the inflated ball with your fist and watch it fly high. It is a kid-friendly sport that allows you to keep warm as you wait for the midnight fireworks in the snowy weather.

Exotic Wining and Dining

Feasting is the epitome of your 30A Christmas experience. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are not the days when you stick in your room and prepare your meals. Instead, it is the best time to test your taste buds by going out for dinner. The region is home to multiple restaurants serving a wide range of global cuisines. Usually, there are party special combos on those select days. Choose what works best for your case and have fun while at it. When done with the dining part, it is now time to sample some wine. Sip your favorite bottle as you enjoy the events in the musical arena.

Where to Stay in 30A

Your Christmas and New Year’s experience in 30A goes hand in hand with the kind of vacation rental you book. Our team at Dune Vacation Rentals is determined to offer you accommodation options to match your holidaying desires. From beautiful waterfront condos to a multitude of other beach properties, you have all the luxury you would desire for a Christmas vacation. Private pools, patios, outdoor grills, and golf carts are some of the amenities that come with our customized rentals. Contact us today to book yours.

Thanksgiving is a day of traditions that revolve around food. The feasting is the main undertaking of the day. Also, it is a great opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. While there is a great emphasis to spend your holiday in your backyard, sometimes flying out for a vacation in 30A is a worthwhile option. Every hardworking citizen deserves a vacation and so do you. 30A has multiple activities for an eventful Thanksgiving holiday. Here are some of the key 30A events to look out for Thanksgiving!

Turkey Trot

Turkey trot refers to a set of footraces common around the Thanksgiving period in America. These runs are a tradition that America has kept for the longest time now. Even in 30A, there is no way you are missing out on this important event. However, the change of location from your usual place to 30A is as important as the race itself. After a year of inactivity, this event gives you a chance to indulge in fitness activities.

Thanksgiving Day races in 30A range from 5KM and 10KM to a mile. In other cases, you will find full marathons as part of the day’s activities. 30A’s Turkey Trot is among the most inclusive 30A events you will come across in this part of Florida. It is an event for every member of the family. Children have their track and so do adults. Senior citizens too have their day on the track. The highlight of all these races is the scenic views that participants are treated to as they dig into the millage. From the beautiful architecture to the elegant shores, you have every reason to be here. Best still, you will be happy to be among the active contributors to the charitable course being pursued in the turkey trot races.

Sunset Cruises

Sunset cruises offer you the satisfying experience of being on a water vessel during the dramatic sunset hours. 30A has one the most intriguing sunset experiences you will witness around. As the name suggests, this event is largely about the sunset. As the sun sinks toward the other end of the sea, it creates quite a picturesque scene. Taking pictures in the backdrop of the sinking sun is an amazing experience you need to try out this Thanksgiving break in 30A.

Thanksgiving sunset cruises in 30A are nothing like your ordinary boat ride. They are designed to provide the luxurious feel you need in Florida. Exploring the ocean aboard a yacht is one unforgettable Thanksgiving vacation. There is more to this cruise than just the ride. Inside the yacht is exotic dining and wining. Enjoying your plate of biting far away from the shore is an event to watch out for in this part of the world. Also, you get a chance to pop your favorite bottle of wine and champagne with the beautiful sunset views in the backdrop.

30A Events: Live Concerts

Listening to any genre of music is such a wonderful thing to do. However, watching a live performance from a band or an individual artist is even more exciting. With the large number of holidaymakers arriving in 30A, expect to find several sets of bands lining up on the streets ready to entertain. The Musical experience in 30A introduces you to a new way of celebrating Thanksgiving. These live concerts offer more than just music. It is a great opportunity to raise your spirits. After a challenging year, these 30A concerts come in handy to bolster your emotions. They are fun-filled activities that allow you to get lost in the moment.

Live concerts also offer you the rare opportunity to meet new people with the same interests as you. This largely plays out if you are out here in 30A alone. In situations where you cannot bring your best friend to your Florida adventure, let these concerts be the link between you and your new friend. Live concerts are also a great way to dance your troubles away. With most of the concerts not far away from the ocean, you can be assured of some cool musical vibes with the ocean in the backdrop and the calm breeze of the sea.

Where to Stay in 30A

After a day of dancing to your favorite tunes and a bit of sunset cruise, you will need a place to call home. Our team at Dune vacation rentals is here to ensure all our accommodation needs are met. Vacationing along the 30A highway stretch requires an equally exciting rental for an unparalleled Thanksgiving experience. Whether it is on Rosemary Beach or Seagrove Beach, there is a place for everyone to rest. Contact us today to book your 30A Thanksgiving rental today. We will be happy to handle your accommodation needs as you concentrate on other fun parts of your Florida Thanksgiving holiday.

Named after the iconic Highway 30-A, 30A is a spectacular tourist destination, thanks to its aqua blue gulf, white sand beaches, and coastal forest. 30A offers the perfect environment for a fun-filled holiday experience. When not floating in the inviting gulf waters, you will be out there hunting for beachfront offering the best of beers, cocktails, and wines. Finding it hard to identify reliable breweries to quench your thirst? Below is a detailed list of the finest breweries and bars in 30A.

Tim Creehan’s Cuvee 30A

Tim Creehan’s Cuvee 30A is a sleek American eatery popular for its chops, steak, and bar with daily happy hour. It is among the best establishments in 30A that you will love. For an impeccable Cuvee 30A experience, begin with a cheese and champagne tasting table in the facility’s private cellar. As you allow that to sink in, proceed to the next table to familiarize yourself with some of the chef’s key preparations. It is this next step where things begin to get real. Here, you indulge in Tapas style menu offering coupled with three types of wine. Cuvee 30A’s popular happy hour is available every day between 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm. For a solid two hours, you are guaranteed the best of everything, from craft beer, wine by the glass, and cocktails.

Beach Camp Brewpub

Beach Camp Brewpub is one iconic brewery situated in historic Grayton Beach. It is among the few operational breweries you will find in 30A. This brewery is spiced up with a bit of everything. From local seafood to the fan-favorite barbecue, it is a one-stop shop for your holiday refreshment needs. Even before throwing your eyes to the bar menu, make date with the food menu. This pub serves the best buns in the area, including the Pork Belly BLT. Also, there is a bunch of cocktails, wines, and beers to sample. The Blackberry Blonde Mojito is one incredible cocktail you can’t afford to miss.

Redds Pub

Redds Pub is a funky local bar serving bar bites, salads, and burgers in compact quarters. It is one small space you will never get enough of. With the pub’s limited seating space, a prior booking will be required for your space to be reserved. Once you get a chance in there, you will live to tell a testimony about its marvelous bites. Before ordering your favorite bottle, make date with some of the pub’s biting including Cauliflower Crusted Pizza and Moo Moo Brisket, among others. Once done with their kitchen department, you can proceed to join their VIP club for your favorite drink. Vodka, rum, wine-based liquors, and mojitos are examples of what to expect.

Coastside 30A

If you are the type that fancies casual adventure, then Coastside 30A is what you need. This pub sits strategically on Seagrove Beach with incredible views of the sea. Complete with a garden bay and a waterfront dock, this pub offers the perfect environment to relax as you enjoy your favorite drink. It is a cozy spot where you can easily hang out with family and close friends. The pub serves some of the best craft beers in the 30A region. Be sure to have some biting for your stomach before indulging in drinks.

Growler Garage

The Growler Garage is a perfect example of an American-themed pub. Armed with beer taps, the pub offers different beer specifications for various days. You will be provided with the tap menu to choose what works best for you. It is among the few pubs that have taken advantage of America’s obsession with art. This pub combines bikes, and paint with craft beer art to create a unique atmosphere. From the craft beer to the cocktail and wine, everything served here is spot-on.

Havana Beach Bar & Grill

Not everyone is open to the idea of eating in one hotel, drinking in another, and sleeping in the next. If you are the kind of vacationer who wants everything in the same space, then Havana Beach Bar & Grill is the place to be. Something to look out for on their menu is the 50:50 grill. Here, Gulf and Caribbean bites are served in equal parts, something you don’t get to see every other day. The pub section opens from 11 AM to 2 PM and later from 4 PM to 10 PM. In between these time frames, you can be sure to catch your favorite drinks as you enjoy the cool 30A atmosphere.

Book Our Luxury Rentals and Enjoy These Breweries and Bars in 30A!

Vacationing in 30A is a split between adventure, food, and partying hard. When it comes to the partying part, the breweries and bars in 30A above offer the perfect setting for an incredible experience of the American East Coast. Are you coming to 30A any time soon? Get in touch with us to book your accommodation in advance.

Picture this, waking up to a spectacular vista of the Gulf as you sip on a flavorful cup of coffee while viewing the breathtaking rising sun or going to bed after capturing the mind-blowing sunset. Well, if this is something you fancy or have on your wish list, our exquisite Blue View beach vacation home is here to help you fulfill your fantasies. Our charming beach 30A vacation rental is a four-bedroom that can accommodate you and your friends or family. That’s not all. This magnificent beach home offers three stories of the outstanding backdrop of the Gulf that will make your stay in this haven special. Are you uncertain of where to spend your family reunion, a friend get-together, or where to take your work vacation? Consider us, and you will keep coming back for more. 

Classy Amenities

Some people enjoy traveling by road as they explore and take in the different roadside views. But when the matter of parking space comes up, most road travelers get worried. But that shouldn’t be a problem when staying at our beach home is in your plan. You will find a well-secured parking space for two vehicles. When you feel like going to the beach, you can use any of the four Beach Cruiser Bicycles at our property.

But there is more to our gorgeous 30A vacation rentals. Our beach home has two inviting living rooms with white ceilings and walls, exuding a serene aura ideal for unwinding. The appealing arts and decor, on the other hand, give this room a touch of class. With everything in the welcoming living rooms oozing nothing short of sophistication, you can chill on the cozy sofas and chairs as you watch a movie from the smart television mounted on the wall. If you are looking for a more relaxed way to spend your time, the living room on the second floor has balcony access that allows you to view the stunning Seaside Town Center. As you admire the scenery, you can sip your favorite drink or take selfies for future recollections. 

What better place to explore and bring out the chef in you than in the kitchen found at our beach rental? On the third floor is a kitchen comprehensively equipped with high-quality stainless steel appliances, an impressive large marble center island, and splendid open shelves. With generous space, your companions can help around the kitchen with cleaning or keep you company over a few drinks as the meal gets ready. There is also a comfy breakfast nook where you can curl up with a good book as you pass the time. You can relish the savory homemade feast from the dining table, accommodating ten and showcasing clear views of the eye-catching Gulf. Are you wondering what to do when your belly is full? You can nap or chat with your friends or family from the balcony featuring a cozy outdoor swing bed and comfy seats.

Besides exploring a new locale, most vacationers look forward to having adequate rest. Fortunately, our vacation abodes have four fully furnished bedrooms guaranteeing you get the rest that will leave you rejuvenated. The alluring walls embellished with beautiful art exude the perfect ambiance you need to connect with your partner and have a peaceful night. The bedrooms each have a chair you can rest from as you listen to music or scan through the pages of your book. From the queen guest bedroom fitted with two twin XL beds to the main bedroom having a king-sized bed and premium bedding, getting a world-class experience is guaranteed. The master bedroom has a TV allowing you to watch a bedtime movie as you strengthen the bond with your lover.

After a long day sunbathing, swimming, or exploring this majestic place, you might feel weary and sweaty. But no one wants to carry back dirty, sweaty clothes after a vacation. Luckily, we ensure you leave this slice of paradise sparkling clean. From our beach holiday house, you will find two well-furnished laundry rooms that you can put to use. When you want to freshen up, our first-class beach homes have squeaky-clean bathrooms that will ensure you wash the salt off and feel refreshed. You can take a long soothing shower as you sing to your favorite song or create your tune. Alternatively, if you are looking for ways to spend quiet time alone to reflect and de-stress, you can soak in the bathtub as you sip on a glass of wine. Whatever it is that will make your stay exceptional, we’ve got you covered. 

Reserve our Amazing 30A Vacation Rental Stay

Is a memorable stay that will make you come again something you are looking forward to experiencing? If you are looking to create memories that will make you keep coming back for more, our rentals are a great pick. Get in touch with us now and reserve elegant accommodation that will give you value for your money and help you create special memories with your loved ones in this piece of heaven.

There’s magic to discover in 30A all year long, especially during the spooky season! Home to several beach towns along highway 30A on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, it’s a name that’s become synonymous with dreamy white sand beaches, tropical shores, and vivid, clear-blue water. It might not seem like the typical Halloween destination as it doesn’t have the standard fall scenery, but 30A certainly knows how to celebrate the season in style, from local events to fall activities. Whatever your vision for your 30A Halloween vacation is, you’re certain to have an unforgettable trip—a Halloween unlike any other!

Spend Your 30A Halloween at the Beach

One of the best things about spending a 30A Halloween here is that you get to experience an entirely different way to celebrate the holiday—and it involves copious amounts of beach time! Since the larger 30A community is made up of several smaller beach towns, you’ll be able to have your pick—maybe you want a low-key beach with lots of natural features, like the shorefront at Deer Lake State Park, or perhaps you want to spend a day at a vibrant beach with lots of nearby shopping and eateries, such as Rosemary Beach or Alys Beach. Seacrest Beach is another great option when you’re looking for a bit of relaxation. Inlet Beach is an ideal area to rent a bicycle and cruise along the shore. When you spend Halloween on a beach vacation, you get to trade fall flannels for sandals and swimsuits!

Visit the 30A Farmers Market to Get Into the Fall Spirit

Of course, just because you’re on a beach vacation for Halloween doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any of those typical, cozy fall delights. Pay a visit to the 30A Farmers Market to get your fall fix—vendors will be selling fresh produce, along with seasonal produce like your classic orange pumpkins. You can even take one back to your vacation rental to carve and create a little Halloween atmosphere! Grab a pumpkin spice latte and browse the market—beyond fresh ingredients, you’ll find other items for sale, such as locally-made jewelry, organic skincare, candles, and more. You might even find some fall-themed gifts or décor to take back home once your Halloween beach vacation comes to an end. There are four multiple locations for the 30A Farmers Market—the Watersound Town Center, Grand Boulevard, Rosemary Beach, and Niceville at Palm Plaza. The Rosemary Beach location is on Sundays, while the others are on Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Check Out Local 30A Halloween Events

With so many towns along 30A, you’re likely to find a fun Halloween event nearby! In Watersound, The Big Chill (formerly known as The Hub) hosts a family-friendly trick-or-treat event on Halloween weekend, while the Village of Baytowne Wharf shopping center offers a Halloween trick-or-treat event as well—in previous years, the Village of Baytowne Wharf has also hosted spooky movie nights, with classic Halloween flicks such as Hocus Pocus. Depending on which town you’re near, there are also community events such as trunk-or-treats, where you can bring the kiddos to collect goodies from the trunk of decorated cars.

Experience the Best of 30A Shopping

Fall is the time for sales, and it’s no different on 30A, even though we have beach weather almost all year long! If you’d like to do a bit of shopping on your Halloween visit to 30A, you’ll find your options plentiful, from large outdoor shopping malls to boutique shops. You might even find the missing accessory to complete your perfect costume for a Halloween night out on 30A.

Celebrate the Halloween Season in Style in 30A

After spending a day at the beach, you can get dressed up in your spookiest gear and check out some of the local spots on 30A for a night full of music and dancing. Depending on where you’re staying, you’re likely to be near a venue with live music on the weekends. Some popular spots along the beach include the Salty Goat Saloon and Whiskeys Saloon. In the past, Local Catch Bar and Grill, Louis Louis, and the Old Florida Fish House have thrown Halloween bashes with DJs and costume contests! These are certainly some of the best places to go out for Halloween on 30A!

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Every property we offer at Dune Vacation Rentals is unique, but every once in a while, a home comes on the vacation rental market that is so special we enjoy being able to shine a spotlight on it and all its charms. The Pinner House, standing tall and proud overlooking the gulf in Seagrove Beach is one such home. Offering 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and an elevated beachy style that serves as a reminder that you are never far from the sea, this elegant Seagrove Beach home rental stands out while still managing to fit into its surroundings. Every luxury is offered in this modern home and the comforts found within will change the way you look at vacation accommodations forevermore. Gather together with up to 10 of your friends and family and experience a vacation filled with excitement, luxury, and memories that will never fade; this guide to Pinner House will give you something to anticipate in the days leading up to your Florida adventures!

Your Vacation Dream Home Come True

Sophisticated and elegant, the clean lines and sleek style of Pinner House never fail to impress and as you step inside for the first time, you will never want to leave! Follow wood floors into spaces that are open and stylish, beginning your tour with the heart of the home, the kitchen. (One of two that take up living quarters in this sumptuous escape!) Light-stained customed cabinets, sand-hued stone countertops, and a funky architectural light hang at one end, complimenting the sleek pendant lamps that hang over the breakfast bar. This galley-style kitchen offers high-end appliances in stainless steel including an impressive gas range and its modern style does not hide its welcoming ambiance, something guests will be unable to avoid when they sit on the white leather barstools that belly up to the breakfast bar. The second gourmet kitchen offers more stainless steel appliances, a second breakfast bar, and marble countertops that are both stylish and useful.

An open-concept floor plan allows guests to do their own thing while remaining connected and the living and dining areas anchor the space with beauty and style. A marble-topped table surrounded by white upholstered chairs is bright enough for playing board games, putting together puzzles, and devouring meals prepared in the kitchen and also offers views of the Gulf through the generously sized window that it is tucked up against. A second dining space features another marble table, this one surrounded by midcentury modern Eames-style chairs. The living room is a bastion of comfort, filled with a plush white sectional that faces a state-of-the-art television. Multiple seating areas offer additional spaces to sit and relax, read, converse, and luxuriate in the beauty of this home. Designed to give multiple families traveling together their own private spaces as they connect with friends and family for the vacation of a lifetime.

Two laundry rooms are provided so that guests can pack light and save room for treasures they may find during their shopping adventures in town. The bedrooms of Pinner House, are plush sanctuaries that are modern and comfortable and may include seating areas (one with a sleek chaise for afternoon naps), private desks, state-of-the-art televisions, and ensuite baths, some with walk-in showers, some with soaking tubs, and some with a combination of both! The Scandinavian sense of light and brightness makes this modern home feel right at home on the beach, just as all who occupy it will feel right at home inside! The tour of the inside of Pinner House has come to an end, but as you might expect, there’s a whole world of peace, entertainment, and wow outside, something we will touch on below!

Welcome to Wow

Offering multiple balconies and decks, the owners of Pinner House understand that no matter how beautiful it is inside, it’s these exterior spaces that will be the major draw! Pull up the chairs on the balcony that overlooks the gulf waters, enjoying the sights and sounds of ocean life as you talk and laugh with your favorite traveling companions. Brightly colored striped cushions keep the wood chairs comfortable but on sunny days, conveniently placed chaises allow occupants to comfortably bask in the Florida sun. The private pool perched above the sea oats and sand of the beach is destined to be your favorite play spot and the attached spa adds romance to your getaway, especially when enjoyed with a glass of wine while the sun sets before you. 5 Beach cruiser bikes are provided for guests’ use and 2 beach chairs and an umbrella are also offered from March 1 through October 31.

The Seagrove Beach Home Rental you will Never Forget

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The beauty of the 30A land and seascape is reflected in the style, comfort, and design of our WaterSound vacation rentals, offering the best way to ensure that your upcoming Florida escape will be one you never forget! Dune Vacation Rentals is proud of the charm found inside each and every one of our cottages and condos and because we know the importance of your vacation accommodations, we strive to provide every comfort and convenience that our guests desire from the places they choose. This guide to all that is wonderful about Watersound and our Watersound vacation rentals will give you a clearer idea of what to expect when you try them out, as well as provide a few minutes of blissful anticipation during your vacation planning process! 

WaterSound Vacation Rentals

We’ve lived here our entire lives and we still aren’t used to the sheer beauty and bliss provided by the Gulf of Mexico, located right here in our backyard, so as you start to narrow down your WaterSound choices, rest assured that most, if not all, will allow you to luxuriate in the sea’s serene charms. Choose a cottage overlooking the sugar white sandy dunes with the turquoise waters lurking just beyond and spend every minute of your waking time soaking in the serenity the views offer. Upper-level condos provide coastal comfort and views that are endless and as you sit out on balconies that allow the sights, sounds, and scents of the sea to invade all your senses, you may begin to start to wonder if you really do have to go home at the end of your stay! The spaces inside will bring light and comfort to your life, but it’s these outside moments that will live on in your heart and soul forever more! 

All the Comforts of Home

With that being said, of course, you may want to spend some of your vacation minutes exploring the comforts of WaterSound vacation rentals. Open the door to your home away from home and savor the welcoming feeling our properties offer. Living rooms surrounded by windows that let in the views also offer plush furnishings where naps will be held, television shows will be watched, and the world inside your latest novels will be revealed. State-of-the-art televisions will try to compete (and fail!) with the glory of the views outside but will still offer a wonderful distraction on the occasional rainy day. Fully equipped kitchens provide custom cabinets, high-end appliances, and a cozy way to save a few dollars on those evenings you choose to make a meal at home. The dining rooms, however, are the heart of the home, giving guests a space to play, dine, and relax as you bring your family even closer playing board games, constructing puzzles, and engaging in planning sessions for your Florida adventures. Here is where you will prepare to say farewell to your daughter who is about to start college in a new state far from home, where uncontrolled laughter and bittersweet tears will occur, and memories will be made that you tuck close to your heart. Fun times will continue in private or community pools as the family swims, relaxes, and engages in underwater tea parties to show off just how long they can hold their breath. Enjoy al fresco meals at sunset, perhaps ones in which you grilled your own catch of the day on provided barbecues and toast the sunset with a glass of your favorite beverage; mojitos are popular in Florida, but a rum punch is a sweet and relaxing alternative that takes less effort to prepare. Every property we offer features its own luxury amenities, amenities that can include fireplaces, soaking tubs, and fully equipped laundry rooms that although they aren’t glamorous, can be a necessity for your vacation experience. 

Blissful Retreats

The bedrooms of our WaterSound sanctuaries are truly where you will find the peace you seek, offering guests a blissful place to retreat to at the end of every day. Sleep deep and enjoy happy dreams in beds topped with silky soft linens and wake up every morning feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready to face a new day of beachy adventures. Fall asleep to the sounds of your favorite television show or let the noises of the gulf waters crashing against sandy beaches be your lullaby. Bedrooms with a view of the sea are always our most popular and after all the effort and work you have put into planning for your Florida vacation, these rooms will be your happy rewards! 

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