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Filled with a loving charm and a playful spirit, Grayton Beach may hold the title of the most curious beach community on 30A. Offering up the unofficial slogan, “Nice Dogs, Strange People,” the inhabitants of this quirky town like it that way. Though compact and on occasion bustling, this small beach community seems ready at any moment to provide residents and guests alike with a breath of tranquility or a splash of excitement.

Even the beach itself holds a unique character, as Nice Dogs are a welcome sight and summer tailgate barbecues are not uncommon, while the obligatory respect for the beach and its preservation is never lost. With restaurants such as the famous Red Bar and Pandora’s, the small town truly feels alive at night, with cooling beverages, delectable food, and performances by local bands for entertainment. In contrast, enjoy peaceful mornings at Grayt Grounds at Monet Monet, a locally-owned coffee house set in a gorgeous garden.

Grayton Beach offers a unique blend of tranquility and excitement.

With so much vitality in one small space, this welcoming community holds a magical charisma and undeniably unique character. In a Grayton Beach rental, you and your family will be certain to discover something amazing, and have a spectacular vacation that you will never forget.