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Best Places for Photography in 30A

Travelers from near and far make their way to Florida’s 30A year after year in the pursuit of well-deserved vacations. While some come to savor time on the sand, others come to get out on the water, enjoy the many eateries, check out historical landmarks or get into nature in style. No matter what your preferences may be or what your itinerary entails, 30A offers up a place where visitors can embrace the best of their interests and create unforgettable adventures with every visit. The one thing that defines all of the coastal communities that make up 30A is breathtaking scenery. It seems everywhere you look in 30A, there’s a beautiful view waiting to be enjoyed. This makes it a prime destination for those with a passion for photography! Whether you’re looking to hone your professional skills or you’re interested in learning, the following are some of the best photography spots in 30A to check out the next time you’re in town with a camera in hand. 

Best Photography Spots in 30A

While it’s a beautiful place for a stroll year-round, Eden Gardens State Park also earns the distinction of being a top spot for photography in 30A. This captivating state park is brimming over with flowers and towering trees, offering up incredible backdrops whether you’re photographing people or nature alike. The large mansion at Eden Gardens State Park sets a regal scene while a stop here in the fall is a chance to capture changing leaves at their very best as well. From the plethora of azaleas to the lush green landscape in summer, Eden Gardens State Park provides a place with the photography options you’re craving no matter when you swing by.  

Inlet Beach

Situated slightly east of Rosemary Beach, Inlet Beach is an idyllic destination to capture a great shot. It’s notoriously less crowded than the other 30A beaches, opening up the landscape of potential for photographers. Here, you can just as easily capture a shorebird on camera as you can take great photos of family and friends on the sand. The hilly landscape is ideal for new vantage points and there are also a multitude of trails that work their way through the surrounding dunes offering up a unique setting as well. At Inlet Beach, you have choices that feature the white sand backgrounds as readily available as lush takes on coastal greenery. 


When you’re looking for off-the-beaten-path photography destinations, Watercolor checks every box on the list. Here, photographers can set up the perfect shot near Watercolor Boat House where a trail winds its way through the scenic woods. There are small surrounding lakes to capture on camera in Watercolor as well as places like Cerulean Park where flowers, a stream, and towering trees can be used as a scenic setting. You never have to go far to find the sand in Watercolor as well when you’re looking to include a more traditional beach photograph into your lineup of visual options. 


A picturesque backdrop is well within reach for photographers who make their way to Seaside during their 30A stay. This destination is known for its amazing collection of New Urbanism takes on architecture. While strolling through, you’ll encounter pastel facades, cobblestone streets and ornate beach pavilions, all of which make for wonderful photographs and memories. There is a plethora of hidden corners to capture and charming homes that are truly one-of-a-kind as well. Southern charm is brimming over in Seaside, which of course also hosts stunning beaches if you’re looking for that angle on your captured moments. 

Point Washington State Forest

Beach scenery often tops photographer preferences in 30A but head over to Point Washington State Forest and you’ll have access to a myriad of new settings to choose from! This destination is adorned with towering pine trees and dense foliage that creates the feeling of stepping into a hidden away world. When light comes through the treetops, it creates a whimsical aesthetic for photographs and because the forest is a sprawling space, you’ll also have opportunities to photograph wildlife when you head this way. Point Washington State Forest provides the outdoorsy feel photographers are after with the choices they crave when it comes to versatile lighting at different times of the day. 

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