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Wildlife Watching in 30A

Florida’s scenic 30A is known and loved as a place where visitors come to embrace vacation life at its best. That said, it’s also a destination that’s a delight for those excited to add wildlife watching in 30A to their itinerary. Whether you’re hoping to spot incredible birds, can’t wait to see what fish call the waters home or have an interest in seeing an alligator up close, it’s all available and waiting for you here. The following are some of the destinations, wildlife and birdwatching watching in 30A, and companies that cater to wildlife enthusiasts in 30A. 

Birdwatching In 30A

It’s fair to say that many travelers are drawn to 30A for its natural beauty and opportunities to make the most of time on the sand. While this is certainly a big draw, 30A has just as much to offer visitors who are willing to take a little time to look up at the sky during their visit! This destination is a popular birding locale for good reason. In fact, year-round guests to 30A will find a plethora of bird species available to be viewed ranging from those that stick around to those that are sweeping through while following migratory pathways. The reason so many diverse species of birds are drawn to this area has to do with 30A’s unique coastal location. Situated between two major bird migration paths known as flyways, 30A offers up a place where birds traveling in different directions and to varying locations converge at certain times of the year. 30A specifically sits between the northern and western flyways providing a unique travel pattern in the sky. 

While bird watching is always great here in the spring, fall is the time of year that the highest number of birds are making their way through. If you were to add it all up, you would find that 30A is a place where birding enthusiasts can set their sights on no less than 200 species of birds throughout the year! Some of the most intriguing species to keep your eyes open for when birding is on the itinerary include red-headed woodpeckers and prothonotary warblers. Those enjoying birding in 30A that are excited to set their sights on larger raptors will be delighted to know that this area is also home to ospreys and bald eagles. Destinations like Deer Lake State Park and Grayton Beach State Park are good spots for spotting these species thanks to the thick forests. Head over in the evening hours and you might be fortunate enough to spot a great horned owl too! Semipalmated plover occupy the shorelines of Inlet Beach, while Alys Beach is another place to add to your list when you’re excited to spend as much time as possible birdwatching during your stay.  

Enjoy a 30A Airboat Adventure with Wildlife Watching Included

For 30A adventurers that are looking to pair some adrenaline-pumping fun with wildlife watching as well, booking a tour with 30A Airboat Adventures is always the right choice! Booking a ride with this company is the perfect way to get out on the backwaters of South Walton and enjoy a new perspective on the terrain and wildlife species alike. Small group tours are the standard with 30A Airboat Adventures so that everyone can make the most of the experience. This company also leads airboat tours down the Choctawhatchee River. Along the way, there’s a good chance you’ll get your sights set on everything from fish and snakes to a variety of birds, frogs, and even alligators! If you do book a tour of this type, be sure to have your camera ready for those one-of-a-kind wildlife encounters that you’ll want to remember and look back on long after you’ve left Florida behind. 30A Airboat Adventures is located at 1413 N Co Highway 395 in Santa Rosa Beach and is open daily from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm with the exception of Sundays.  

Coldwater Excursions Nature Tours

Another local company that offers comprehensive and customized 30A wildlife and eco tours is Coldwater Excursions Nature Tours. Serving both 30A and Panama City Beach, Coldwater Excursions Nature Tours provides personalized nature outings that traverse South Walton beaches, Cypress Springs at Holmes Creek, and coastal dune lakes alike. Kayaking tours with this company introduce participants to the wildlife that live below the surface of the water while snorkeling tours put adventurers up close to local snapping turtles! Along the way, guides will point out wildlife that might otherwise be overlooked and can provide insight into how maintaining incredible area ecosystems is vital to species flourishing well into the future. This is an activity that’s as exciting as it is educational and is one you won’t want to miss.  

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