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Historical Landmarks in 30A

A trip to 30A is something that many travelers look forward to each year with good reason. Between the gorgeous beaches, amazing waves, and options to shop, dine, and museum-hop your way through a stay, there’s no shortage when it comes to options for entertainment and fun. But for all of the modern marvels 30A offers up, it’s a destination that remains rich in history and those looking to learn more will have access to plenty of historical landmarks in 30A. The following are just a few of the many 30A historical landmarks that tell the story of the passage of time in this area.  

Historical Landmarks in 30A

You don’t have to travel far from modern 30A to reach the Arcadia Mill Archeological Sites that are situated within Santa Rosa County. Here, it’s easy to connect with the past in a place where the remnants of an early 19th-century water-powered mill complex still stand. The mill sits within a swamp area and a small museum on-site gives visitors a chance to learn more about the history of this historic landmark. There are also guides available for those excited to expand on their knowledge. Whether you’re walking the boardwalk or spotting wildlife, a trip to the Arcadia Mill archaeological sites offers up a unique opportunity to get the feeling of what it would have been like to live here long before modern development was in motion. 

Enjoy Time at Eden Gardens State Park

30A is a place in Florida that’s rich in history and a great place to see that come to life before your very eyes during a visit is Eden Gardens State Park. This locale was originally constructed as an integral part of the Historic Wesley Homestead. It’s easy to access, sitting just a few miles north of Seagrove and Seaside. Many visitors come to stroll the lush pathways, admire the grounds, and soak up sights of both Tucker Bayou and the Choctawhatchee Bay along the way. Of course, it’s hard to overlook the park’s focal point, which is the Wesley House itself. This renovated mansion dates back to 1897 and remains a beckon of a bygone era in modern 30A. 

Check out the Fort Walton Heritage Park and Cultural Center

When you’re looking for a comprehensive destination to tour where area history is within reach, head to nearby Fort Walton Beach and spend some quality time at the Heritage Park and Cultural Center. This location has been meticulously well-preserved by the city after acting as a Civil War encampment. On-site, visitors can look into an early 1900s schoolhouse, a post office, and Indian Temple Mound too.  

Spend Some Time on Shell Island

For centuries, Shell Island has been a place where people have come to seek sun and solace in abundance. Today, visitors can still follow in these historical footsteps with a visit during their 30A getaway. In total, Shell Island boasts 7 miles of pristine barrier island terrain that remains undeveloped and wild. The beach stretches all the way to St. Andrews State Park and the island can be easily accessed by private boat or using the Shell Island Shuttle from 30A. Shell Island separates St. Andrews Bay from the Gulf of Mexico and has a rich pirate history attached to its legacy. Whether you come to dig for the supposed gold that remains buried here, or you’re just looking to enjoy the history and connect with great views, it’s a historical landmark worth visiting. 

Embrace the History of Grayton Beach

Visitors might be surprised to learn that 30A’s Grayton Beach is a testament to time in its own right! In the 1890s, many travelers were heading to modern 30A in pursuit of time on the sand in the summers. Small beach resorts began popping up in this time period including Grayton Beach in 1911. Between 1912 and 1920, the area underwent a transformation from a small beach retreat to a more focused resort destination. Since that time, it’s continued to grow in popularity, but Grayton Beach in particular retains its historical distinction as one of the first landing places along 30A that drew in the crowds at the turn of the century. 

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