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Visit Oyster Lake

When it’s time to swap out the daily routine for a revitalizing adventure, heading to Florida’s scenic 30A is bound to please. This beautiful and inviting vacation destination is home to amazing views, fun shopping and dining as well as in-town entertainment, options for outdoor recreation, and beyond! Travelers who have a passion for the great outdoors and are looking for places to add to their itinerary that are truly unique will love that 30A is home to rare dune lakes. Among the 15 that the region calls its own, a visit to Oyster Lake is well worth checking out while you’re in town.  

Relax and Visit Oyster Lake

Situated on the west edge of 30A within the greater Dune Allen community, Oyster Lake is a stop that’s sure to inspire. It earned its name from its shape that closely resembles an oyster shell and in total, this captivating dune lake encompasses about 22 acres. Those who drop by will want to make sure to take time to enjoy the views this lake offers up but when you’re looking to explore, there are options for that as well. Oyster Lake hosts a pedestrian bridge that runs across the length of the water and is always worth a stroll. Visitors can also make the most of the extensive bike path that runs around the lake and is great for cyclists, runners, and walkers alike.  

Enjoy Experiencing a Rare Dune Lake

Taking time to experience Oyster Lake for yourself is truly a unique moment. This coastal dune lake is one of a handful that exists across the globe. Beyond 30A, the closest dune lakes can only be found in Australia, New Zealand, and Madagascar. It’s estimated that the coastal dune lakes that make up South Walton could date back as far as 10,000 years. Their origins are typically linked back to sand redistribution by winds over time, creating shallow basins. Dune lakes like Oyster Lake are somewhat of a phenomenon for the mere fact that their freshwater content sits within feet of salt water in the Gulf. The only thing separating it all is a natural berm of sand. This lends itself to brackish ecosystems which host both saltwater and freshwater species alike.  

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