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Summer Guide to 30A

Taking time to unwind, relax, and make the most of a getaway to 30A is always an inviting option for travelers. This all-seasons destination has much in the way of fun to offer in spring, fall, and winter, but it’s summer that sees the area come to life with visitors in vibrant style! Whether travelers are taking a short weekend here or savoring an extended summer stay, our 30A summer guide has all of the activities and attractions that simply should be missed this time of year! See our summer guide to 30A activities below.

30A Summer Guide

30A is packed with natural beauty, but for those who can’t wait to spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors admiring what’s unique and endlessly appealing, summer is the ideal time to explore the local and rare coastal dune lakes. South Walton alone is home to 15 coastal dune lakes which is incredible considering the fact that there are only a few other places on the planet where these incredible lakes are found. The lakes are believed to date back nearly 10,000 years and host a one-of-a-kind makeup where freshwater and salt water are separated by nothing more than a narrow berm of sand. As water levels rise, they mix, creating a space where both salt and freshwater creatures thrive. Some of the most notorious dune lakes to explore here include Lake Powell, Oyster Lake, and Deer Lake just to name a few. While it can be satisfying to simply admire dune lakes while you’re in the area, a summer visit might also warrant some time paddle boarding the gentle waves these lakes host.  

Bike Your Way to Summer Sightseeing and Fun

30A is a collection of charming coastal communities for summer travelers to explore and when you’re here this time of year, taking to the Timpoochee Trail by bike is a great way to see a lot of it while spending time in the fresh air too. Running between Dune Allen and Inlet Beach, this trail is a welcoming and paved pathway that covers 19 miles of terrain. There’s no need to have your own bike along for the ride with so many local rental options available. Stunning ocean and beach views are sure to grab your attention as you ride and many nature photographers pair their excursions with stops to capture the moment on camera. Combine this trail ride with brewery stops at varying destinations to make it a summer ride that’s sure to be as savory as it is inspiring. 

Savor Every Second Spent on the Sand

One of the top summer 30A activities with good reason is time spent beach hopping. This area is brimming over with beautiful stretches of shoreline for guests to discover and whether you’re looking to sunbathe, swim, play beach volleyball or enjoy a picnic by the water, there are options here that check every box on the list. Seagrove Beach is an inviting place for travelers who value a laid-back vibe and easy access to the waves. Dune Allen Beach is another popular option to add to the itinerary when you’re considering pairing your time soaking up the sun with a little snorkeling too.  

Get Out on the Water in Style

If you find yourself near Rosemary Beach this summer, renting a pontoon boat and getting out on the water to enjoy an afternoon at your own pace is always a good idea. While traditional pontoon boat rentals are sure to thrill, those looking to enhance the fun will want to look into booking a tri-level vessel that includes waterslides and plush interiors! 

Add Hiking to the Itinerary

For summer travelers heading to 30A with a passion for lacing up the hiking boots and hitting the trails, there are plenty of options for great exploration. Trek your way through Point Washington State Forest when you’re up for wildlife watching and stretching your legs surrounded by amazing scenery. Point Washington State Forest hosts a variety of trail options for hikers to choose from including a challenging 10-mile loop as well as 3.5-mile routes and 5-mile routes as well. The diverse ecosystems found within this protected forest are sure to inspire while many plants and animals call the forest home too. This is a hiking destination where you’ll want to be sure to have your binoculars handy.  

Top Off Your Days with a Beach Bonfire

When the sun goes down across 30A those who are looking to keep the summer fun going partner with local experts to make the most of beach bonfires! There are several area companies that help travelers organize these on-the-beach events complete with s’mores, music, and a supply of firewood that’s handled by a professional team.  

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