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Annual Maintenance Service

Our Annual Package

Our annual service package is set to address the issues of regular preventive maintenance and property protection. Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance is essential for maintaining your home and avoiding much greater costs resulting from unnecessary damages or failures. Preventive maintenance and property proaction are the best ways of ensuring that your home will remain protected and in beautiful condition.


Preventative Maintenance

Our preventive and scheduled maintenance will include biannual HVAC maintenance and quarterly air filter replacement. Smoke detectors will be tested and have batteries replaced on an annual basis, and decks and windows will be power washed annually in order to remove mold and pollen.

Regular Maintenance

In addition to our regularly schedule maintenance services, Dune Real Estate Company will be available at all times for storm and weather preparations for your home. In the case of a hurricane or a tropical storm, we will be available to handle all preparations, property monitoring, and debris clean up. If extremely cold weather is expected, we all also be available for freeze preparations and monitoring as well.

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