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Monthly Maintenance Services

Our Monthly Package

Our monthly service package is designed specifically to address the challenges of keeping your home in peak condition on The Gulf Coast. The corrosive salt air damages air conditioning systems, door and window hardware and even stainless steel. As such, regular preventive maintenance is essential in extending equipment life and the appearance of your home.


Monthly Services

On a monthly basis, we will perform routine general maintenance in the home. This may include maintenance by request of the owner, painting and touch ups, or carpentry and equipment repairs. Additionally, we will perform any general handyman services, plumbing and electrical work, and hardware adjustments.

Also Included

In conjunction with our general maintenance services, we will also manage all subcontracting maintenance that may be required. These subcontracting services typically include HVAC repairs, home and pool cleaning, and pest control and landscaping services. We will take care of all aspects of procurement and oversight in these processes.

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