Residential Maintenance

maintenance-truckDune Vacation Rentals provides comprehensive maintenance services packages for properties to all the 30A communities. Our weekly, monthly, and annual packages below provide maintenance services from basic property inspections and general maintenance to complete preventative and preservative care for homes.

Weekly Property Inspection and Home Watch: Detailed inspection of exterior qualities, such as landscape, lighting, air conditioning, and pool area and interior qualities such as security systems, bathroom and kitchen appliance functionality, and doors and windows. Additional services include picking up mail and flyers, checking for signs of pests and mold, and changing light bulbs.

Monthly Property General Maintenance and Subcontract Management: Regular property maintenance services such as minor painting, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical maintenance. Additional services include procurement and management of contracted services such as HVAC repairs, pool maintenance, pest control, landscaping, and cleaning and services.

Annual Preventive Maintenance and Property Protection: Comprehensive preventative property maintenance performed regularly. This includes performance of scheduled HVAC maintenance biannually, regular replacement of air filters, washing and power washing of windows and decks annually for the removal of mold and pollen. When necessary, the performance of storm preparations, hurricane preparations, and debris cleanup are included.