Florida’s year-round sun and warmth is what makes it the ideal getaway no matter what time of year you’re looking to get away. The beach towns of 30A provide an endless supply of water and beach activities to look forward to. That includes surfing. Pack your board and your swimsuit and head out for some of the best surfing along the Emerald Coast. Check out our guide that will help you surf on 30A like a pro!

Surfing Conditions & Seasons

Water sports, including surfing, are more fun in mild and warmer temperatures, like the ones you’ll find along 30A throughout the year. No matter when you come, however, waves can still be unpredictable at times. The combination of weather and tides mix to make the current surf conditions. The wind typically shifts from east to west from summer to fall, offering up some large swells. The northeast winds of late winter and early spring also produce some great waves. It’s important to note wind direction and speed, tide, and swell sizes before heading out. You’ll want to look up surf reports before making your plans each day.

Blue Mountain Regional Beach Access

There’s plenty of fun to be had at Blue Mountain Beach, including surfing. You’ll find people set up with beach umbrella, chairs, and their beach picnic supplies, but it’s a perfect haunt for local and visiting surfers alike. There are awesome swells, and plenty of fun. There’s ample parking near the access point, but it’s a popular place, so get there early. If you forgot to bring your own refreshments, it’s not far from several restaurants serving everything from quick snacks to sit-down meals to fill you up for more surfing.

Ed Walline Regional Beach Access

Located at the intersection of County Road 393 and Scenic Highway 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, and just across from Gulf Place, the beach offers plenty of beachy fun. Swimmers, surfers, and other beach-goers flock to the area to take place in their favorite beach activities.

Grayton Beach

It often makes it to near the top of most ‘best places to surf’ lists when it comes to 30A. Overall, it’s recognized as one of the country’s top beaches, with a stunning stretch of sand and water. The interesting combination of crystal-clear water, sand dunes, and perfect swells offers a great experience for beginners and experts alike. Experienced surfers will love the waves that crash over sandbars, while beginners can seek fun and success in the shallows just beyond the dunes. The beach is the location for some of the top professional surfing competitions in the Southeastern U.S., meaning it can be a challenge for surfers of all skill levels.

Seagrove Beach

The area is another favorite for locals and visitors alike. Between swells, stroll the perfect white sand beaches, or lay out in the sun. When it’s time to catch a wave, you’ll find some of the best waves for more experienced surfers. Some say the swells rival the best surfing spots in the Caribbean and other popular surfing destinations.

Take Lessons and Surf on 30A Like a Pro

If you’re new to the sport or just want to improve your skills, the beach towns of 30A are some of the best places to start your surfing journey. Because of its vast water sport and beachfront culture, 30A and the surrounding area has a number of surf schools offering lessons and camps. Go from land classes to getting familiar with the board, to catching some of the waves listed here. Many companies offer private lessons, as well as group lessons. Once you’ve learned the basics and are comfortable enough to strike out on your own, select companies offer rentals outside the lesson time.

Surf Gear

Whether you’re a seasoned pro who couldn’t bring all their gear on vacation, or a new enthusiast starting out, 30A and the surrounding area has what you need for the perfect surfing experience. There are a number of stores that rent and sell gear like boards, wetsuits, swimsuit, beach gear, and more. You can deck yourself out for a day on the sand, on the waves, or both. Select shops rent gear like boards, in case yours didn’t make the packing list.

Start Planning Your 30A Surfing Journey

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