Dune has been recognized by the local community, media, home owners and guests as 30A’s premier boutique vacation rental company representing over thirty clients in the WaterColor®, Seaside®, Rosemary Beach®, WaterSound® and surrounding gulf front communities. We are interested in representing your home and are offering a $5,000 incentive to a limited number of new customers who join our program for the 2016 season (details below).


Why choose Dune?
We believe there are significant differences in vacation rental providers. Dune provides:
1. Comprehensive and transparent vacation rental management with no hidden fees
2. Marketing that improves guest bookings and financial performance
3. Unparalleled guest satisfaction as a result of our “raving fans” delivery system
4. Owner friendly management policies
5. And an impressive financial guarantee that minimizes risk

In addition the first ten (10) new clients will be able to redeem their $5,000 cash certificate. Imagine what you could do with an extra $5,000 this year! Improve your 2015 rental results with $5,000 in extra income; invest in home upgrades and renovations or that needed coat of new paint; use the cash to minimize the risk of transition; credit future management fees or just have a little extra shopping money for the holiday season!

To qualify for the cash incentive all you need to do is enter into a one year management agreement for your vacation home with Dune by December 31st, 2015.

We provide free property assessments and rental rate projections, and would love to discuss your specific property. Please call or email us to schedule a time to meet on your next visit to 30A.