A Rainy Day on 30A

When you think of a vacation to the beautiful 30A, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a crystal clear beach and soft white sand – which we have on most days. But what should you do when the weather isn’t working in your favor and the rain clouds come out to hide the sunshine? While you could spend the day enjoying one of our beautiful homes from the inside, we want to help you explore our city and get the most out of your vacation time! 



Along highway 30A, there are many different communities that each offer unique experiences so you’re able to find the most fitting way to spend your time. On a not-so-sunny day, the beaches or pools may not be ideal, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck inside all day long. 30Avenue is a collection of shops, both local and commercial, located just off the highway in Inlet Beach. Here you can find souvenirs to bring home for family & friends, or to keep for yourself. You can shop up an appetite, and then enjoy a meal or drink from one of the spectacular restaurants in 30Avenue!



Another option, which is more hands on and family-oriented, is The Shard Shop located in Grayton Beach. Here, ages 6+ are invited to attend a class where you are taught to make your own pieces of art using glass shards and resin! This is a great way to support a local business, while also experiencing something new and unique. Some of our Dune Vacation homes display these pieces of glass art, handmade by themselves or their family. This activity will keep you so entertained, you might even forget about the rainy weather that you’re escaping!



Any foodies out there? This one might be for you! Located in the spectacular community of WaterSound Beach, is a fun backyard getaway called The Hub. Here, guests are welcome to eat, drink, and have a down-right good time! With six different restaurants, two full bars, and a gigantic movie screen, it’s hard to pass up. The best part? The whole thing is covered by a canopy, so you can sit in the grass and watch the screen while it’s raining, staying completely dry.

Now that we’ve proven that you can have an unforgettably good time regardless of the forecast, what are you waiting for? Book your dream getaway with Dune Vacation Rentals, and let us show you what you’ve been missin!