Florida’s year-round sun and warmth is what makes it the ideal getaway no matter what time of year you’re here. Time on the beach, taking a plunge in the Gulf of Mexico, and several other fun activities await you and your loved ones, and the heat and energy begin to turn up during Easter season. Build a fun 30A Easter trip that reflects you and your traveling companions’ interests. You’ll find something along 30A to make your trip one to remember!

Easter Dinner

Take a vacation from everything and let someone else prepare and serve your Easter meal! There are a number of restaurants along 30A that will be serving up the traditional Easter meal. Some will exclusively offer the meal, while others will offer it alongside their regular menu. Contact your restaurant of choice to find out the details like date, time, and whether reservations are needed.

Easter Services

Celebrate the solemn meaning of Easter during your Easter break. The churches along 30A will be organizing special services to celebrate the day. Contact your preferred place of worship to inquire about dates, times, and locations. Increased attendance means some churches may have multiple services in multiple locations. Select churches may even offer sunrise services at the beach.


Pack the cooler, dress in your best beachwear, and grab your beach gear. Then prepare for a fun day on land or on the water during your well-deserved Easter break. Whether you’re staying on land or heading out to sea, there’s an activity for you. Sunbathe, change up your exercise routine, or plant your beach umbrella and blanket for a picnic. Swim in the waves of the Gulf or rent some gear for activities like stand up paddleboarding and kayaking.

Coastal Biplane

The Coastal Biplane, known to locals as the Spirit of 30A, was built in 2010. Despite being less than two decades old, the craft reflects the look and feel of a classic 1930s biplane aircraft design. The Ferrari-red colored open cockpit design of the Waco YMF-5 biplane seats the pilot and two side-by-side passengers. While many may tell you “Don’t look down,” you’ll want to make an exception this time. You’ll catch glimpses of land and sea, and the life that inhabits it. Opt for a short 20-minute cruise or choose one of their packages that offer time in the sky, either choice provides Easter memories for a lifetime!

Dune Lakes

Florida is one of just two states in the U.S., and five total places around the world, where coastal dunes are a natural geographic feature. These lakes are typically shallow, irregularly shaped permanent bodies of water. The often brackish and dark-colored water is due to the unique mix of saltwater and freshwater sources. Rent a kayak, canoe, or paddleboard, purchase a combo freshwater/saltwater fishing license, or just relax along the shoreline this Easter.


Pack your sun gear, water, and trail snacks and head out to experience the land-based natural beauty of 30A. While you’re out in the wild this Easter, keep a lookout for local wildlife, including black bear, coyotes, deer, and osprey, to name a few. Take a break from the hike and stop in at one of the picnic areas of the state parks for a break and to fuel up on Easter dinner leftovers before moving on.

Snorkel and SCUBA Tours

Tap one of the many companies along 30A for tours that extend your nature and wildlife viewing below the waters of the Gulf this Easter. You’ll get close to bottlenose dolphins, manatees, rays, sea turtles, a number of fish species, and even sharks! Ask about daytime or sunset tours, as well as gear rental for when you’ve built your confidence and want to dive or snorkel on your own time. Keep in mind that you must be certified before attempting any SCUBA dives on your own.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a fun way to take a break from the water and steadily warming sun during your East break, or just spend some time inside. Rooms are rated by difficulty, and even come with age and a recommended number of people to solve, so you can choose the right adventure for your group. Try your hand at themes including death row break out, Navy SEALs, and castle escape, all ready to stretch your logic and sleuthing skills this Easter. Solve all the clues and break out in 60 minutes to win.

Find Fun Along 30A During Easter

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